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ESL One Mumbai is approaching its culminating moment. Mineski and Natus Vincere fought today in one of the longest series of the event for a spot in the grand finals.

Perfect counters to a scary line-up

For the first game of the series, Mineski carefully crafted a draft aimed to counter Na’Vi’s most important heroes. Going with more of reactive picks, the SEA team made sure they have the right tools to stand against Na’Vi’s Monkey King, Doom and Medusa and turn the fights in their favor. Na’Vi’s core were both beefy and capable of split pushing, but one of their biggest problem was Damien “kpii” Chok’s Razor. The longer the fights lasted, the better was for Mineski who were always able to make the best use of the stolen damage by Razor. Vladislav “Crystallize” Krystanek, although with another amazing performance on MK, found it almost impossible to adventure all alone and split push the lanes as Mineski’s Nyx Assassin and Tiny were hunting him incessantly. The game went up to almost 40 minutes and despite Na’Vi doing all they could to take the lead, they still had to admit defeat.

2 Rapiers, 5 Roshan kills and a Sniper to even the series

Game two brought one of the most exciting battles at ESL One Mumbai so far. It was a 71 minute game in wich Na’Vi played a mid-lane Sniper and managed to make a comeback at the 35-minute mark when they were forced to defend their top lane of barracks and did it beautifully with a full team wipe on Mineski to turn the game on its head. On the back of that single fight, Na’Vi were able to counter push, claim a Roshan kill and force Mineski to buyback and itemize for a very late game scenario. Their Medusa had to go for a Divine Rapier for the extra damage output in team fights, but the game went to the point where only one support hero wasn’t level 25. With Sniper at level 25, always protected by a double Linken’s Sphere inside the Na’Vi team and a Lotus Orb, Mineski couldn’t efficiently utilize their Vege swap on him anymore, and had to just wait for a mistake or a rushed decision to come from Na’Vi. The Sniper has also bought a Rapier of his own at the 69-minute mark and that enabled Na’Vi to end the madness and push the series to a decisive game three.

Kpii makes a case for the MVP vote

So far, the Dota 2 community watching and voting for the #MBmvp prize at ESL One Mumbai seems to be sold on Kim “Febby” Yong-min’s personal campaign for the shiny car.

However, after today’s upper bracket finals, and especially after watching game one and game three of the series, Kpii might just go up in the votes. Game three had him playing an offlane Omniknight, which was all planned as Kpii revealed in the winners’ interview on stage. His itemization was on point given Mineski’s wish for a short game and despite not boasting huge K/D/A numbers, it was his early Drums and Pipe of Insight, along with Kam “Moon” Boon Seng’s 17 minutes Radiance on Dragon Knight that secured a grand finals showing for Mineski. The game went down in just 20 minutes with Na’Vi landing only two kills and losing their first game in Mumbai with Wraith King on their side. Out of their 10 games so far in the event, Na’Vi successfully drafted the Wraith King for Crystallize five times, but today it just wasn’t enough.

Sunday, April 21 is the final day of the tournament and Na’Vi will have a shot at making it back in the grand finals via the lower bracket.

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