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LGD Gaming issued today, September 10, 2018 an official statement regarding the LGD Forever Young player Du “Monet” Peng.



According to LGD, Monet, although under contract with the organization until October 1, 2020, seems to have left the team house and has sent to LGD a letter requesting for his contract to be ended. The reason for his request, says LGD, comes from the fact that the carry player was approached in the past few weeks by Royal Never Give Up (RNG), one of the biggest Chinese League of Legends organization, and was promised to have a place in their first-ever Dota 2 team.


RNG, however, was not Monet’s first choice, and it’s been revealed and confirmed by both parties involved that he initially wished to play in the next season for EHOME, under Zhang “xiao8” Ning’s guidance as he is confirmed to be EHOME’s coach for the next competitive year.


“On August 27, 2018, LFY.Monet (Du Peng) requested to transfer to EHOME,” says LGD in their statement from today and continue by adding that “on August 29, 2018, the club has agreed to transfer Monet to EHOME on loan and started the negotiation with EHOME.  On August 31, 2018, LFY.Monet (Du Peng) refused EHOME’s invitation and requested the club to transfer him to RNG. The club then began to communicate with the RNG team according to his wishes.”


The problems began to appear once LGD learned that RNG don’t want to sign Monet on a loan contract, but they don’t want to buy him out either and would prefer instead to continue searching for other players. RNG might have very well done exactly that, as Monet’s request to have his contract agreement with LGD closed is coming from himself. “On September 2, 2018, RNG made it clear that they will not have Monet on loan. After discussing with Monet, who said he’s okay with both staying on the team or joining other teams on loan, the club began to work on building a new team around him, assuming that LFY.Monet had already stopped talking to RNG”


Soon after LGD posted their announcement on Weibo, Xiao8 confirmed that he was talking with Monet since August.



“I have been communicating with this player for over a month. He explicitly expressed the desire to come over and join my team, but I needed to talk to LGD’s management and sort it out first.  In order to work out Monet’s transfer, I even had bitter quarrels with LGD’s boss and general manager, and they finally agreed to do me a favor and let him go. However, once I got back from Vancouver, he told me that he would go join another team and definitely would not come to EHOME. This just sends f***ing chills down my spine. “


LGD.Gaming agreed today to give VPesports the screenshots of the discussions held between Pan Fei, the LGD general manager, and Monet, chats where it can be seen that Monet was asked multiple times what he wants for the next season, including which players he wishes to play with at LGD Forever Young

 Monet is asking for Newbee’s Sccc or for Vici Gaming’s Ori


Monet: Can we get sccc or Ori ?

Fei: We can try Sccc, Ori is not available. You don’t want to play with xxx? (The name here has been pixilated)

Fei: If you want to play with sccc, I can go negotiate with Newbee.

Monet: Can we get xxs?

Fei: Highly likely.

Fei: Tell me your ideal roster.

Fei: I’ll do the negotiation.

Monet: sccc/ori xxs fade boboka




Fei: I’m just worried that other clubs may not want to sell them.

Fei: Everything else is fine

Monet: Pay them the penalty fee.

Fei: Penalty fee can be as high as 5-10 million RMB. We can’t afford that.

Monet: xxx (The name here has been pixilated) is worth that much money?

Fei: Their transfer fee is around 2-3 million RMB


Monet is explicitly saying to the LGD manager that RNG don’t want to loan him and want him to end his contract with the organization



Fei: I kept asking you about your intentions for the last 2 days, didn’t I?

Fei: So RNG’s method of resolving the issue is to skip the loaning procedure and breach the contract?

Monet: Yup

Fei: Then why did you not mention about it when I kept asking you the past few days?

Fei: When I was still negotiating with other teams.

[Voice Message]

Fei: Where is your conscience? Since RNG decided to pay the penalty fee for your breach of contract, there’s nothing much for me to say. No wonder two days ago he only mentioned about buying Ah Fu and nothing about loaning you. Really good teamwork by you two, you were just afraid that we wouldn’t agree to sell Ahfu if we found out what you guys have been doing.


As of now, Monet is bound to LGD by contractual agreements, and although he wishes to end his contract without any repercussions, LGD said in their letter that “LFY.Monet’s unilateral termination of the contract has no factual or legal basis. It is clearly a disregard of the spirit of contract and a violation of contractual obligations and industry rules. It does not only cause a negative impact on his personal career development but also damages the interest of the club and public images of both the club and players. As such, we hope that Monet could keep his professionalism, contact the team proactively and return to the team. Hangzhou Aijidi culture and creative Co., Ltd and LGD Gaming reserve the right to pursue legal action for the breach of contract.”


In spite of all the legal agreements he has with LGD, it was revealed that today, September 10, 2018, Monet refused to return to the club and insisted on joining RNG which he claims will represent him in contract negotiations.


VPesports editors and translators are working around the clock to bring you all the updates regarding this matter and we are talking with all the parties involved for detailed and accurate information. Stay tuned.


*Disclaimer: VPEsports is a Washington State based esports news media company funded by VPGame.


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