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Mineski are the first team to emerge victors in The International 2019 regional qualifiers after taking down 3-2 Team Jinesbrus in an intense SEA grand final.

Coming to SEA qualifiers from open brackets with a Phoenix drawing as logo, Team Jinesbrus had one of the most interesting stories of all teams fighting for the 1 ticket in the SEA region. The team had Nico “Gunnar” Lopez in the mid lane, the former Mineski support Kim “Febby” Yong-min and another two South Korean players, just very recently departed from J.Storm, Lee “Forev” Sang-don and Park “March” Tae-won, respectively. Despite the big names on the team, one of the most pleasant surprises was their 17-year-old carry Nuengnara “23savage” Teeramahanon whose Morphling, Slark, Anti-Mage, Naga Siren or Wraith King plays made Team Jinesbrus look extremely scary for all other competitors. The stack was formed a few weeks ahead of the open qualifiers and managed to reach the closed regional qualifiers grand finals. They finished first in the group stage with an overall score of 61, but Mineski seemed to be the only team able to stop them.

Mineski, who also swapped two players just two days ahead of the TI qualifiers roster lock, pushed Jinesbrus in the lower bracket playoffs right from the first series, but had to fight them once again today, in the qualifiers grand finals.

SEA TI9 qualifiers

As expected, Morphling was first ban priority for Mineski for the entire series.  But even so, Jinesbrus started the grand finals with a victory in game one and were extremely close to taking it all in game four. The series score was 2-1 in Jinesbrus favor when what could have been the winning match for them, Jinesbrus played a bit too aggressive and tried to force a win by going for tier four towers and the Ancient when Mineski’s carry was down for 50 seconds without a buyback. Unfortunately for Jinesbrus, Mineski were able to stop the push although they were outnumbered and following the successful defense, they went for a third Roshan kill that gave them an Aghanim’s Scepter buff on Wraith King to force the series to a game five. The final match of the SEA qualifiers featured Gunnar’s signature Ember Spirit and a few good answers to Mineski’s draft. At the end of the game, the kills score was dead even, but Jinesbrus’ Ancient was the one that fell down as Mineski had two heroes extremely powerful in the team fights and in high ground assault, Death Prophet and Shadow Shaman.

With their victory, Mineski can now start sorting out their visas and pack for The International 2019 where they will join TNC Predator and Fnatic as SEA representatives.  

TI9 qualifiers are far from being over. CIS region will determine its winner team later today, South America as well while the closed regional qualifiers in North America, China and Europe will start with the group stage matches only tomorrow, July 11. Stay up to date with the latest updates from the regional qualifiers, find all the streams for the ongoing matches and take a trip down memory lane of The International historical moments with our TI9 HUB!

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