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Valve mentioned towards the end of January that the new Dota 2 hero, Mars would be released towards the end of February or start of March.

February is already at an end, March has begun and with it, the wait for Mars. The new hero can be expected to enter any time in the next week. But before he does, what do you think the hero will be like? Let’s hypothesize based on the four new additions Dota 2 has seen recently.

Most heroes migrated to Dota 2 from Dota 1. But there were four who entered Dota 2 directly without seeing the daylight in the WC3 engine. Who are they, though?

  1. Monkey King (Agility hero, primarily position 1 or 2, can also be played as position 3 or 4)
  2. Dark Willow (Intelligence hero, played as position 4 or 5)
  3. Pangolier (Agility hero, played as position 3 or 4, recenly also played as position 2 at times)
  4. Grimstroke (Intelligence hero, primarily played as position 5

There is a good chance Mars is a Strength hero

Although Monkey King was introduced in Dota 1 in a special quest, he never made it to the game. Perhaps a closer look at each hero’s primary attribute and and role in the game will hint us towards what Mars could be. Of the four new heroes, two are Agi heroes while the other two are Int heroes. A strength hero is due and there’s a good chance that is what Mars is. As it stands, the count right now is:

Strength heroes -37
Agi heroes – 37
Int heroes – 42

There is a slight chance that Mars might turn out to be an Agi hero, but looking at the number of Int heroes, and Mars’ attire, he is surely not destined to be a braniac.

Relation to Legion Commander and the Bronze Legion

A few weeks ago, Kill Ping put forth a few theories on who Mars could be in terms of the lore and all theories have connections to Legion Commander. And looking at the video Valve posted while announcing Mars and Grimstroke, this does seem to make sense.

The video hints at Mars being a Warrior clad in armor, just like Legion Commander. He also can be seen commanding an army, which, no prizes for guessing could be soldiers from the Bronze Legion. Looking at these aspects, a betting man would probably say he is a melee hero. According to LC’s lore, the Bronze Legion is up against Vrogros, the Underlord’s army. There is a good chance Mars is a part of the Bronze Legion; although will he be above or below Legion Commander in rank, it’s hard to say.

So to sum it up, Mars will probably be a melee Strength hero having connections to Legion Commander. What position will he be? That’s probably a bit hard to say. That part will depend on his skills, about which we have no clue at all. Guess the only thing we can do is wait and see how Dota 2’s newest recruit Mars turns out to be!

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