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Mars was the 117th hero added to Dota 2 on the 5th of March 2019. The hero has strength as his main attribute with his four abilities being:
1) Spear of Mars
2) God’s Rebuke
3) Bulwark
4) Arena of Blood

Of the four skills, Arena of Blood is the one that is the most intriguing. On activation, Mars summons an arena which puts a barrier between the opponents inside and outside the arena ring.

After a short formation time, Mars summons an arena lined with the undead warriors of the Ash Legion, who block enemy attacks and movement. Enemy heroes near the inside edge of the arena will be attacked by spears, dealing damage and knocking them back.

Here, we take a look at some of the intriguing interactions the Arena of Blood has with other skills.

-Allies can pass through Arena of Blood without any obstructions
Would be a bit stupid if that weren’t the case, right? The visual does seem a bit odd, heroes just walking through walls, but that’s how it is!

-Opposition heroes can pass through the Arena of Blood in a magic immune state
The description specifies that Arena of Blood does not affect magic immune units. So a unit under the effects of Black King Bar or skills like Blade Fury or Rage, Arena of Blood may as well not exist.

-Abilities like Waveform, Time Walk and Blink (skills and the item) can take the opposition heroes in and out of the Arena of Blood
No obstructions here. A hero like Faceless Void can just Time Walk in and just use Chronosphere on anyone inside the Arena of Blood including Mars himself. Similar is the case with Morphling, Anti-Mage and Queen of Pain.

-Hookshot and Timberchain can take Clockwerk and Timbersaw in and out of the Arena of Blood, but only at very specific angles
This is an interesting one. In most cases, Clock and Timber can’t penetrate the walls. But at a specific angle, which I am guessing is a line passing though the center of the Arena circle, they are able to go through it. Maybe there will be a bit more clarification on this in the days to come.

-Monkey King can jump in and out of the Arena using Tree Dance
As long as Monkey King hasn’t taken any damage, he can jump on trees and enter and escape the Arena. Even if the tree lies right above one of Mars’ undead soldiers, Monkey King does not take any damage while on the tree.

-Vengeful Spirit can swap out any hero, including Mars in and out of the Arena of Blood
The difference between Swapping Mars out of the Arena and Monkey King out of Wukong’s Command is that even when Mars is out of it, the Arena still stands. Everyone inside it (Mars’ allies) are protected from the opponents outside.

-Rolling Thunder can make Pangolier ignore the Arena walls, but he cannot enter or exit it using Swashbuckle
Pango is can be considered one of Mars’ counters as he can just roll into the Arena or roll out of it in case he gets caught. But Swashbuckle can’t really help Pango to penetrate the Arena barrier.

-Sand King’s Burrowstrike takes him underground, meaning the Arena walls aren’t an obstruction for his motion
Sand King can not only escape or enter the Arena of Blood, he can also stun everyone he encounters in the process. If Mars calls upon the Arena around his allies to help them escape, SK can Burrowstrike in and stop a few teleports. SK, like Pangolier, can be an effective counter to Mars.

There are also some interesting things Mars can do with a Refresher!

At first look, this skill does bring something completely new to Dota 2. It will be interesting to see in what position will the pros will want to use Mars. Till we get there, VPEpsorts will continue bringing more interactions from Mars to you. If you think you have an interaction that is worth mentioning, let us know in the comments!

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