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The TNC-Kuku drama is nearly done and dusted. The last piece of the puzzle, which was who would stand-in for Kuku at the Chongqing Major, was put in place today when TNC announced Kuku’s replacement. But the news comes in with a something more than what we would have expected. Not on will Ryo ‘ryOyr Hasegawa, who’s played for TNC in the yesteryears, be standing in for Kuku, but Kuku will also be taking a personal leave from Dota 2.

The tweet does not specify for how long Kuku will be taking a break. Ryoyr has previously played as an offlaner so he can directly slot in Kuku’s position. Also, having been a part of TNC before, the transition shouldn’t be too tough.

Even though TNC have found a decent replacement for Kuku, it does come as a blow to them to lose their longest standing player. Kuku has been with TNC for over two years and has been to three TIs with the Filipino outfit. Kuku was a part of the team that made the big upset at TI 6 by beating OG, the favorites back then. In his time with TNC, he has successfully adorned the mantle of a mid laner, support and offlaner. TNC supporters and all the Dota 2 fans in the Philippines will be hoping that their prolific hero returns soon.

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