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In a post made on Weibo, today, May 20, Wu “Fyms” Junying , manager for the Dota 2 team of Keen Gaming revealed an imminent disbandment of the organization by trying to help the cook and the janitor to find new jobs.

“Since the club is disbanding soon, we are looking for job opportunities for this couple, who are the former cook and janitor at our base,” posted Fyms on his Weibo account.

Keen Gaming are one of the eight founding members of the Chinese DOTA2 Professional Association(CDA). The organization was formed in September 2017 when the EHOME.Keen and EHOME.Luminous youth squads left EHOME to establish a new brand. In its nearly three years of existence, the team went through numerous ups and downs and roster shuffles happened on a regular basis. Keen made it only to The International 2019 and placed bottom four. Unfortunately, the struggles became even bigger in the aftermath of the tournament and the current competitive season was a disaster for them. Most recently, Keen placed ninth in the first season of the CDA league, they finished bottom two in the Chinese competition of OGA Dota PIT online and are currently on the eight place in the DPL-CDA Professional League Season 1. The tournament is set to come to a close Sunday, May 24, but before that, Keen still have two more series scheduled.

The organization hasn’t made any official announcement as of yet regarding the disbandment, and it’s unclear if they will forfeit or not the last two series. Tomorrow, May 21 Keen are scheduled to play against Team Aster and on the next day against Invictus Gaming.

Keen Gaming current roster:

  • Yang “Erica” Shaohan
  • Xu “Blood” Ziliang
  • Zhuang “xiaofu” Yongfu
  • Zhao “Yds.” Jiayi
  • Yu “Fantasy” Yajun
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