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Keen Gaming ended their TI9 run in the best-of-one first round of the playoffs lower bracket. A shaky performance in the group stage sent them to a battle for survival against the South American sensation in Shanghai, Infamous. 

We caught with the TI7 runner up, Hu “Kaka” Liangzhi, now member of Keen Gaming to discuss his team performance through the season, current meta, and itemization since the addition of Aghanism’s Scepter to all heroes. Of course, we couldn’t ignore the fact that he is probably the best Phoenix player in the world so, we asked him a few things about that hero as well. All in the video below. 

More content from TI9:

Armel: “We only hope that the incident is in the past already for everyone”
CCnC: “OG are a super fun team to play with”
: “We are hungry for success […] after all, we have 0% playoffs win rate”
rOtk:“Playing at TI is a mind opening experience”
Mag: “We are no strangers to the lower bracket”
Maybe: “Playing against is fun”
w33: “Positions don’t exist anymore, they’re just heroes now”
TI9 Media Day Vlog

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