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First Major of the season, MDL Chengdu didn’t go all smooth for beastcoast, who are now represented by the five South American players that made it to top 8 at TI9. From Majestic Esports to Team Anvorgesa and  Infamous at TI, the five are now representing the beastcoast banner on a Major stage for the first time. On the day off at the major, Yuhui Zhu was able to sit and talk with Hector Antonio “K1” Rodriguez about the rough start beastcoast had in the Major group stage and how did they approach the tournament overall, about the South American scene as a whole, and how or if anything has changed after he and his team reached the top 8 at The International 2019.


Hello, congrats on the nice recovery through the lower bracket rounds here at the Major. I know you started your journey here with a nasty flu, how is everyone feeling now? 

Some of our players are still feeling bad, but that’s not an excuse for losing the games. We perform badly on the first day of any tournament, I don’t know why, it’s just a thing that always happens with us, but we are working on fixing it.

I saw your teams’ official interview for MDL, which was recorded before the tournament started and before you went through all the hospital experience. In that interview, you guys stated that the goal here is to take the trophy home. After seeing how the event unfolded for everyone else in the group stage, did you change that goal?

The goal should never change for the team, you just have to take it game by game, adapt to what others play and figure out how to get closer to achieving the goal by learning from your mistakes.

You are one of the very few teams that hasn’t made any roster changes after TI9. Could you talk to me about what is so special about this team, are you guys really good friends outside the game as well, how did you manage to stay together through all the rough times when you didn’t have an organization behind?

I think we are a rather unique team for Peru, because yes, we are really close friends and that helps us stay positive even after a loss. While some other teams in Peru, if they lose a game, they will just not say anything to each other for an entire day and the next day they will put the blame on one of their members. We are not like that, we don’t get all depressed after a defeat and we don’t point fingers, we learn together as a team from each game we play. 


What motivates you to keep fighting and strive for becoming better?

 I’m not exactly sure, but I think the money I’m playing for.

Just when we thought that your top 8 finish at TI9 will be a real boost for the SA scene, we saw a couple of organizations actually dropping their teams. paiN Gaming disbanded just very recently, SG-esports shut down their Dota 2 team unfortunately, you guys are signed by an NA org in fact, so what’s your take on how the SA scene is developing, is it still a long road for the professional scene in South America to become a profitable one?

I don’t think it’s an organization problem that makes these teams disband. As I said, I truly believe that we are special and lucky to be such good friends. Most of the SA teams have to deal with big egos and stuff, the players often don’t agree with each other, they are not on the same page, so all they do is to group for a qualifier and immediately disband after to form another roster, and that cycle keeps going on and on.

However, I would say that the pro scene in Peru, at least, has grown little by little, but the players still have to hide from their parents who don’t want them to play Dota professionally. I was in the same situation, my parents wanted me to focus on my studies.

Let’s come back to this Major. Your next adversary is iG which is an interesting matchup. Are you willing to let Emo play his Invoker, do you think he can be countered, or is he too good on the hero, just like you are on Wraith King?

I think any player can be defeated on their signature heroes, even my Wraith King can be countered and defeated, or Emo’s Invoker. It will be up to our captain to decide if he wants us to play versus Emo’s Invoker or not. I just sit there and play Dota.

The 7.22h patch has been here for a while and a lot of players feel bored with it already, however, you are one of the few that always surprise with your picks, you play Clockwerk when nobody does it, you brought Tinker back to mid lane, you play these crazy, fearless agro lanes with Alchemist, you play Morphling even without the Earthshaker, so here is my question for you: How do you come up with these ideas? Are you guys practicing a lot together or do you play a lot of pubs and take the craziest things from there and adapt them for pro games?

The thing is we don’t have a bootcamp set up yet and we didn’t really practiced for this Major, I mean we didn’t practiced at all. But we are used to this, and that’s why sometimes during the draft one of us will just come up with an idea, like that Clockwerk and that last pick Tinker. We just go with what we feel it will work.

Well, then I won’t take any much from your time on this day off that you can actually use to return to the practice room here at the MDL Chengdu Major, thank you for the interview and wish you best of luck in your next series.

Thank you. 

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