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Daryl Koh “iceiceice” Pei Xiang decided mid-November this year that it’s time for him to set sights on another region and left Fnatic to join the North American organization Evil Geniuses. With the Dota Pro Circuit set to commence on the 18th of January 2021, iceiceice hasn’t moved right away and while taking the time to enjoy the last couple of weeks with his family in Singapore, he did a short interview with one of EG’s sponsors answering in his own way a series of serious questions. In a mix of straight forward answers and truths told half jokingly, iceiceice explained that the decision to leave Fnatic for Evil Geniuses came as he started to become too comfortable by playing from Southeast Asia for the past three years. “The decision to join EG came from me wanting to play in a new environment. I have been in Southeast Asia for the past three years. I think I have been playing here for three years and I don’t want to lose the drive to be competitive. Because staying here is going to make me too comfortable and when I’m comfortable I’m not playing my best.” While he talks about goals and setting sights on The International title as “everything is about TI and everything else is just like a qualifier,” iceiceice has also talked about his decision of taking a break earlier this year and how he used the six months of inactivity. “It has been 10 years since I took a proper break from professional gaming,” he said while adding that he took the time to “catch up on life, pretty much,” and do things that he couldn’t since he committed to a Dota 2 professional career. Iceiceice is one of the scene veterans, actually playing competitively since DotA 1 days, which puts him at over 15 years of dedication for the game. Asked about what motivates to keep pushing he joked about the “high cost of living in Singapore,“ but on a more serious note he added that he plays the game simply because he loves it. The interview covers a couple of other topics, including his favorite hero, why is he most known for Timbersaw, what casual activities he did at home during the lockdown and how is he planning to win The International with Evil Geniuses, a matter that involves the Cliffteezy meme and buying a Force Staff. You can watch the full video HERE. Related:
Evil Geniuses welcome iceiceice to their ranks
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