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TI9 regional qualifiers for China were some of the most intense in the current Dota 2 scene with so many massive teams fighting for a single spot at the event. The group stage of the event ended just a few moments ago with some surprising teams being knocked out – not reaching The International 2019.

Newbee had valiantly made their way through the open qualifiers for China and many people had missed the days of their dominance in the Dota 2 scene – hoping for this to be their resurgence to the top echelons of their region. Sadly, even after a fantastic open qualifier, Newbee could not cut it in the closed qualifier, even after beating the biggest teams.

Team Serenity were another team that seemed to be on the up again lately, having initially risen to fame at The International 2018 last year. Much like Newbee, the team had a magnificent open qualifier run and seemed destined to be one of the top teams in the closed bracket. However, this was far from the truth as Serenity battled to find any footing against the China teams – managing only a single victory in the group stage which was oddly against Newbee.

Team Sirius were one of the four teams directly invited into the China closed qualifier and, inversely, one of the first four eliminated. With a host of well-known named in the Dota 2 scene, Sirius were expected to challenge for the spot at TI9 but they quickly fell to the might of the teams involved in the qualifier.

The final team to be eliminated from the CN qualifier was decided via a three-way tiebreaker, with CDEC Gaming, EHOME and Team Aster all fighting to stay alive in the event. The tiebreaker saw the teams play in a round-robin style best-of-one where two losses would see you become the final team eliminated from the qualifier before the playoffs. Unfortunately for Team Aster, they lost to both EHOME and CDEC which would mean that their TI9 dreams would come to an end.

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On the other side of things; CDEC, EHOME, Royal Never Give Up and Invictus Gaming are the four teams advancing to the playoffs where they will fight for that final spot for China at TI9. With the form that iG have been showing lately, they seem to be the number one contender, but anything can happen and in two days, we’ll have a full roster of teams for The International 2019.

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