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Forward Gaming, the organization that just a few days ago qualified for The International 2019, has shut down. The owner announced on Twitter that operations had stopped due to financial problems the company ran into.
Forward Gaming’s owner David Dashtoyan’s Tweet regarding the closing of the organization

Well, the Tweet was a link to an explanation on TwitLonger. In it, David Dashtoyan, the owner, explained how they were in financial trouble since June and had decided to close down operations after the Epicenter Major. But they decided to wait until after the TI9 qualifiers in a hope that the company would overcome their woes. They did qualify for TI9 by going through the North American qualifiers and beating J.Storm in the grand finals. But sadly, their problems continued to persist.

What does this mean for the roster now? Yawar, CCnC, Sneyking, MSS and pieliedie are out on the streets with no one to back them up for their venture in Shanghai. Well, consdering it is The International, some organization is bound to pick them up, but for now, they have to deviate from scrims and practice and deal with all this. David was apologetic about the situation the players were left in and wished the roster the best for their journey in Shanghai.

I feel terrible for leaving our guys at the worst moment possible. We tried so hard to provide them with everything we could throughout the year and failed at the very end. This sucks.

I apologize to everyone who put their time and effort in Forward Gaming – our players, employees, and fans. I don’t know how to express our appreciation for your support and incredible dedication. Thank you.

And of course I wish best of luck to our guys – Yawar, Quinn, Sney, Mojo, Pie, Kurtis and Jack. I hope you’ll kick some ass in Shanghai, will be cheering for you like crazy.

Forward Gaming’s owner David Dashtoyan

For now, the roster does not have the backings of any organization. As soon as something develops, VPEsports will have the details.

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