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Southeast Asia Dota 2 returned to our screens today as ESL One Birmingham Online moved into its playoff stage – with Fnatic and BOOM Esports fighting in the upper bracket and the winner being the first grand finalist.

Having lost to BOOM Esports in the group stage round-robin of ESL One Birmingham Online: SEA, Fnatic would get a shot at some revenge after they managed to secure a spot in the upper bracket of the playoff stage. Going into the series, it was Fnatic who seemed far more dominant, crushing their opponent in the first game – with Nuengnara ‘23savage’ Teeramahanon’s Ursa being an unkillable, unstoppable force.

Although BOOM had been the victors in the group stage of the event, they seemed unable to get a foothold when Fnatic came out into the playoffs. Fnatic played their drafts to near perfection, walking over BOOM at every turn and never allowing them a single ounce of space as the onslaught never ended in game two. The entire series was over in under an hour, with a 26-minute second game in which BOOM were only able to claim a total of five kills.

For BOOM Esports, the loss is not the end for them as they now drop into the lower bracket where they will face either Team Adroit or Geek Fam in an attempt to make it into the grand finals and maybe find some revenge on Fnatic. ESL One Birmingham Online: SEA continues today with the lower bracket where we will see the two teams, Adroit and GF, fighting to avoid elimination.

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