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OMEGA League is reaching the finish line with just two days left in the Immortal division competition while the Divine bracket has already crowned its champions.

The Divine grand finals pitted against each other two teams relegated from the Immortal group play, both FlyToMoon and 5MAN finishing in the fifth spot in their respective groups. Once they dropped into the Divine, they were seeded in the upper bracket semifinals and both won their series to meet for the first time in the upper bracket finals. 5MAN won that encounter 2-1, but FTM bounced back from the lower bracket finals and came with a vengeance dismantling 5MAN 3-0 in the grand finals.

5MAN opened the series with a weird laning choice placing a core Enigma in the offlane along with a support Bloodseeker while they had a mid lane Batrider and a carry Medusa. Their greedy draft turned out to be a four protect one of some sorts as they were trying to create enough chaos on the map while Medusa would farm undisturbed. However, the plan didn’t work as intended as FTN didn’t take the bait and kept the pressure on the towers with Death Prophet and Morphling while crushing the team fights with a core Tiny and a support Nyx Assassin.

Game two wasn’t much different, FTM bringing the Mars-Phoenix combo while having a support Dark Willow that scaled through the mid stage game up to the point where she was able to solo kill 5Men’s carry Ember Spirit. Although in the third game 5MAN had on paper, good synergy with Magnus-Tiny-Spectre, they once again got outpaced and outplayed by a much more flexible and ganking oriented draft from FTM who were able to find pickoffs without needing to wait for Blink Daggers. They had Vladimir “RodjER” Nikogosyan on Nyx Assassin scouting and initiating backed up by a Batrider while the kills were pretty much secured by the Invoker Sun Strike times after times until 5MAN had to admit defeat.

OMEGA League Europe Divine division final standings:

1st place: $10,000 – FlyToMoon
2nd place: $7,000 – 5MEN
3rd place: $6,000 – Cyber Legacy
4th place: $5,000 – Ninjas in Pyjamas
5th-6th place: $3,500 – Natus Vincere, Khan
7th-8th place: $2,500 – Omegalil, HellRaisers
9th-10th place: $2,000 – Cyberium Seed, Team Unique
11th-12th place: $1,500 – TEMPO, Team Empire
13th-14th place: $1,000 – EXTREMUM,  B8
15th-16th place: $500 – Voldemort, 5Comrades

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