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Four months later Xu “fy” Linsen finally received his MVP trophy won at the EPICENTER XL Major, but what he got in the mail package is almost a middle finger from the shipping company.

EPICENTER XL was the first Major won by PSG.LGD in the previous season and their outstanding performance in the main event upper bracket resulted in more than one trophy at the end of the tournament. Fy received the most-valuable-player title and was given a nearly one Meter tall, Avengers movies inspired trophy.


The trophy itself had a rather large volume but it wasn’t particularly heavy, being crafted from some sort of plastic polymer with foam. However, Fy couldn’t go back to China with the trophy packed for a normal flight and it had to be shipped. Unfortunately, it arrived only now, four months later, and it’s not in one piece.



Ironically, a few weeks after EPICENTER XL, his teammate Lu “Maybe” Yao was awarded the MDL Changsha Major MVP as PSG.LGD secured that Major victory as well. Maybe’s trophy was a small golden Axe statuette holding the MDL championship trophy, the Battlefury.



Asked in a post-event interview about how he feels about Maybe snatching the MVP prize that time around, Fy replied: “Well, the MVP trophy this time is really small so it’s fine, he can have it.” Maybe had no issues taking his trophy home, and today he is the one who can proudly display it in his showcase while Fy has only the pictures from Moscow to brag with.

One of his fans joked earlier today on his Weibo post saying that “Only fourth finger are left, which can only mean that position 4 is the best.” The Chinese community has always been very inventive and quick to create memes, and this incident will most likely remain in the Dota 2 history books as the “Avengers delivery company.”

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