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The CIS Region’s Closed Qualifier for the Kuala Lumpur Major had only 3 teams left at the start of the day;, Team Spirit and ferzee. After Na’Vi were eliminated early yesterday and ESPADA, Winstrike and Odium all fell by the wayside, the teams looked to claim one of the two spots available for the region.

The first series of the day would decide who would secure the first spot for the KL Major for the region – Team Spirit or With their standin, Rostislav ‘Fn’ Lozovoi, replacing Pavel ‘9pasha’ Khvastunov for the qualifiers, VP would come out victorious. While Spirit put up a great fight, taking game two of the series to nearly 80 minutes and winning, VP would take a total of under an hour to win the 2 other games in the series and secure their spot at the Kuala Lumpur Major.

Waiting for Spirit next was ferzee, the team who knocked out both Na’Vi and ESPADA – the victor of the series joining VP at the KL Major and lining up a match in the grand finals against the dominant season 1 DPC team. ferzee came into the series looking extremely strong, the unlikely CIS squad took the first game off Spirit and were lining up to get themselves into the Major too. The second game was even more intense than the first – with a massive base defense coming out from Spirit. There were countless buybacks, over 160 kills and 8 Roshan kills at least – but in the end somehow the team which only formed a few days prior to the qualifiers, would take down Spirit 2-0 and claim their spot at the KL Major. The day was not over for the team yet though and they had one final series against – win or lose, the team would be ecstatic at their qualification and the CIS Dota 2 community definitely have a new team to look out for.

The two teams from CIS heading to the Major are:

  • ferzee

With the CIS qualifiers now basically over, we look towards South America, Europe, North America and Southeast Asia to find their champions for the Kuala Lumpur Major.


Na’Vi Are Definitely Not Back – Kuala Lumpur Qualifiers

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