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Alliance, rebuilt from scratch in the post TI9 shuffle and started the new season with a tournament trophy already in the bag. The five new players representing the Alliance banner took the spoils last night at DreamLeague Season 12 Rotterdam after an exciting grand final played up to the fifth game.

Through the whole tournament, Alliance dropped only two games. and that happened in the grand finals. They made a full recovery from a 0-2 score to end the series against Demon Slayers 3-2. Ahead of their big battle on the Ahoy arena stage, we had the chance to talk to Adrian “Fata” Trinks, who is now the team captain and has also made a role swap for this season. Considered for more than seven years one of the best mid players in the pro scene, Fata- is now playing in the ultimate sacrificial role, the support five position, and of course, we were curious to hear from him everything about this change and about how he put together his new team.


Hello Fata-, and thank you for taking the time to talk to us, although this is a rather packed day at DreamLeague Rotterdam. I would like to start by asking you how did you decide to make the role swap?

It is something that was on my mind for a while now, it’s something that I wanted to try out, and when the shuffle happened I looked at the whole situation and I felt like now it’s the time to do it. I brought up the idea with some people and they liked it as well, so I went for it, and I decided to build the team around this idea of me playing position 5.

So, walk me through the whole process of building the team, why did you decide on these players. Forming a team with 33 I guess it makes sense for everyone, you guys come together from NiP, but let’s talk about Nikobaby. Did you know him from his time with lower-tier teams or is he someone you discovered at TI9?

Actually, Neta (33) watched Nikobabay for way longer than I did. When he was playing in the tier 2 scene himself, he had some games with Nikobaby and that’s how he knew him better. I personally knew him from his performance at TI9, where he played really well, he was able to perform under pressure and that’s obviously a big plus. And yeah, we all liked the idea of getting a high energy player who likes to communicate.

And Limp and Handsken?

I think they were also suggested to me. I didn’t think of them initially, but as soon as they were brought up, and they came more like a bundle if you want, I realized that they fit perfectly. They fit the roles that we needed, they are both Swedish, they know each other very well and synergize well with each other. They both are experienced players, so we have a bit of a balance with experienced players and new blood. So yeah, I liked the idea when it was brought up and they were quickly ready to make it happen. 

With you switching now to support 5 I can only imagine that you also took the captain role and the in-game leadership. Is the role swap also changing something on how you look at the game now?

I was already communicating a lot and calling some things when I was playing mid, and I felt like doing it from position 5 will just give me more overview and more space to do it. I am for instance someone who always enjoyed warding, and I’m not joking when I tell you that that’s something that triggered my decision as well.

Alright, so you had the team ready to go, you locked on the Majors registration page without a sponsor, and then you got signed by Alliance. How did that happen, was it them approaching you guys or was it the other way around?

It was mostly Loda just approaching us. He liked the roster and he was very ambitious about signing us, I would believe. We like what they had to offer, they have a good structure that will support us as a team and that’s about it. 

Speaking about Loda, he used to help the previous Alliance roster, he was their coach. Is he also coaching you guys, do you work with him in that aspect too?

He is not coaching us currently. We decided as a team that we want to start out without a coach and see how it goes first, and maybe later we will be looking into getting someone.

From Rotterdam, you are going straight to Hamburg, for ESL One, a tournament where you were summoned at the last minute to replace Geek Fam. Given the fact that ESL One Hamburg is a bit bigger in terms of teams playing on the event, has that somewhat became a bigger target for you guys, do you take this DreamLeague Season 12 more like a practice ground for the bigger challenge coming to you next week?

Alliance, DreamLeague Rotterdam

No, not really, we don’t have any pressure going into that event. We just want to prove ourselves and see where we are at against the really good teams. We hope to put up a good fight against them and see how far we can take it. 

This season Valve listens to you, the professional players, and they decided to merge the Major and Minor qualifiers in one event. What are your first thoughts about how the DPC qualifiers are now, is the change for the better or is it perhaps hurting even more the tier 2 scene, do you have an opinion on that?

I didn’t put too much thought into it. I think it’s always good if the qualifiers get shorter and they are easier to schedule.

You will soon have to go on the stage here at DreamLeague Rotterdam, so here’s the last question to wrap up our interview. We know that there is a big patch coming sooner rather than later, but from a professional player’s point of view, when would you say it would be a good time for Valve to release the Outlanders update?

Well, I would say the best time would be when we have the larger time before the next big event. Now it’s too close to the Major, it could have probably been done like last week, that was a good moment, but it didn’t happen. So, I would say now just wait for the Major and release it after. 

Thank you again for taking the time to do this interview and if you have any shout-outs, now it’s the time to do so.

Always shout-out to my fans, shout-out to Alliance and everyone watching the tournament. 

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