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About two weeks after fans learnt that PSG.LGD might lose this summer their two staple players, Xu “fy” Linsen and Lu “Somnus/Maybe” Yao, the organization posted on their Weibo page today a small TI9 tribute for their mid laner.

PSG.LGD’s post reminds the fans that last year on this day, August 18, Maybe became the second player in TI history to reach 1,000 kills.

The post itself doesn’t confirm or infirm any of the rumors about their line-up, however, all the comments are related to the shocking news of his possible departure to Four Angry Men (4AM), an organization that owns one of the most popular PUBG teams in China.

4AM announced their intention to join the Dota 2 scene at the beginning of this month, however, they haven’t made any updates on their roster just yet.

In the meantime, PSG.LGD General manager, Pan Fei posted in a fan group chat that Wang “Ame” Chunyu has extended his contract with the organization. “The only certain thing I can tell you is that the owner of the group chat (Ame) extended the contract with us,” the post translates.


Ame has been playing under the PSG.LGD banner since 2016 and got to carry the team to a fourth place finish at TI7, second place at TI8 and third place at TI9. In December 2019 he was transferred to CDEC Gaming while his carry role in the PSG.LGD roster was taken by Yang “Chalice”‘ Shenyi.


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