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With the final week of Southeast Asia Dota Pro Circuit League action upon us, today would be extremely important for all teams involved – but especially for 496 Gaming and Execration who played in a relegation series.

As we kicked off the final week of the SEA DPC League, the first series would be of utmost importance to both teams involved – with relegation a certainty for the losing team as they join Vice Esports in the lower division in the next season. With both players fighting for their upper division lives with a stand-in, we were set for some great SEA Dota 2 action.

 Game one begun in a disastrous manner for 496 as they quickly gave up a few kills to Yuri Dave “Yowe” Pacaña, who had swapped back to the Middle Lane role as they utilized their stand-in, Fernando “Nando” Mendoza as their carry. From that point on, XctN just snowballed their advantage, leaving 496 in the dust as they rushed into a 22-minute game victory. Needing to turn things around, 496 found a fantastic early and mid-game period, which saw them controlling the game. While XctN tried their best to pull things back into their favour, it just was not enough as 496 managed to tie things up and take the series to a decisive game three.

With upper division lives on the line, game three ended up becoming a back-and-forth brawl – with XctN having a massive lead all thrown away in one Roshan fight. However, with their lead intact, XctN’s advantage was far to big and they quickly came back to find the fight to secure the victory. Unfortunately for 496 Gaming, not being able to turn things around would mean that they would be the second team of the SEA DPC League to be relegated into the lower division for next season.

Execration, on the other hand, will remain in the upper division, which has more deciding series coming both today and tomorrow.

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