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After two teams were eliminated from the ONE Esports Dota 2 World Pro Invitational earlier in the day, it was time for the upper bracket finals to commence between Gambit Esports and Evil Geniuses – with the winner claiming the first grand final spot.

Both Gambit and EG had amazing showings in the first round of the upper bracket, winning their series 2-0 and proceeding into a guaranteed top 3 finish at the event. This upper bracket final between the two teams would be the second time that they met in the tournament but there would be no tied series this time and the stakes were much higher. Claiming victory today would give the winner a guaranteed top 2 finish in Singapore as well as a one-day break from the action.

Following the draft for game one, it was already fairly obvious that EG had a gigantic advantage and they made it show. It was mainly Andreas ‘Cr1t’ Nielsen’s movement around the map on his Tiny that created chaos within Gambit and left the CIS squad trying to figure out a way back into the game. But by 22-minutes, they saw no sign of coming back into it and tapped out with a GG call.

EG were very clearly at the top of their form as we went into game two as they dominated the early game period. Tal ‘Fly’ Azik’s Distruptor was at the forefront of their domination this time around as he moved around the map, helping his team take a huge lead and claiming his fair share of kills too. Gambit just had no response to the EG pressure – being unable to find their footing in the series at all and it took only a minute longer than game one but the GG call came out from Gambit to end the series.

With that, EG will move forward into the grand finals at the ONE Esports Dota 2 World Pro Invitational, while Gambit will be sent into the lower bracket, where they will have another chance to reach the grand finals in a few days. The tournament continues tomorrow with more eliminations as we head closer to the grand finals and seeing if anyone can stop the EG domination.

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