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At the close of play on Day 1 at The International 2018, Evil Geniuses topped Group A and as the action in the group came to an end on Day 2, not much had changed. There were some interesting aspects in the standings for the rest of the group and with half the group stage now over, things were definitely starting to take shape.

Evil Geniuses Almost Unstoppable

After only dropping a single game on Day 1, EG came into Day 2 looking at the top of their game – taking a fairly standard and easy victory over OG in their opening series. Their series against PSG.LGD would be the first-time which Pudge was seen at TI8 and it was not in the best way as Xu ‘fy’ Linsen and LGD were picked apart with ease by EG.

LGD’s loss of the series meant that EG still only had a single game loss after 2 days of TI Group Stage play and held the top spot with ease – while the Chinese team were suffering the curse-of-the-draws.

The Middle-of-the-Pack

Below EG were a plethora of the favourites to take the TI title this year – including the champions of TI7, Team Liquid. However, the squad had started off the Group Stages in a rather poor manner, only managing draws in all but one of their series thus far – suffering the same curse as LGD it would seem.

Fnatic found themselves in among the top 4 of the group after the end of Day 2, which is rather surprising. The team could definitely have claimed a victory over Mineski earlier today when they had a 30k lead in game one – however, Abed Azel ‘Abed’ Yusop pulled off some great Jacky ‘EternalEnvy’ Mao plays, diving into the enemy fountain TWICE and essentially throwing the game. Luckily for Fnatic, game two went their way and while another drawn series was seen against iG, the squad

The Bottom Feeders

Both OG and VGJ.Thunder were having horrendous starts to TI8, both sitting way down at the bottom of the group. However, today saw them both up their game and take some much-needed victories. OG started off by having no real chance against EG but when put up against Mineski, they were able to excel. However, even with this 2-0 win, OG found themselves suffering at the close of play – the final series to end the day would witness iG tie with Fnatic and keep themselves out of the bottom 2 spots, leaving OG right back there, just ahead of Winstrike, but ultimately tied with VGJ.Thunder.

For Thunder, their victory was almost expected as Winstrike were not really able to make much of a showing thus far at TI8. The victory for them saw a move out away from the bottom of the group and pushed Winstrike down to the trenches, while they remained tied with OG in second last.

Group A Standings after Day 2

image: Liquipedia

The Group Stage was only half way done but EG looked ready to continue their domination through the event, as tomorrow Group A would continue. For now, Group B is still underway – with 4 series still to play to close out Day 2 at TI8.

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