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The Upper Division of Southeast Asia Dota Pro Circuit League keeps delivering some of the craziest matches and unbelievable upsets to create exciting storylines for the first season of the re-installed DPC.

With Neon Esports already taking the scene by storm with their first spot in the league after the first two weeks of matches in the round-robin format, BOOM Esports kicked off the third week with an upset over Fnatic to make a strong case at contending for a ticket to the Major.

Up until today’s Series, BOOM were 1-1 in the League with one series lost to Neon and a victory over 496 Gaming. The win over Fnatic from today pushes them to third place in the League and opens the door to a possible top two finish if they continue to display the same synergy they had in the second and third game of the Fnatic series. They started today’s matchup by getting severely out-drafted by Fnatic, who had plenty of catch spells to keep BOOM’s Phantom Lancer under control. However, the loss marked the wake-up call for BOOM, who are at their first important tournament with their new carry, Andrew “Drew” Halim.

Heading into the second game, they secured a Riki-Storm Spirit combo and proceeded on outplaying the more experienced Fnatic players, who were feeling pretty safe with their Earthshaker-Morphling combo and Natthaphon “Masaros” Ouanphakdee on a core Enigma. BOOM’s early successful skirmishes, which were possible due to superior vision provided by Clockwerk, Bloodseeker and Pangolier, along with far better initiation tools, basically on all their heroes, pushed Fnatic into a corner right from the get-go and forced a decisive game three.

BOOM’s new carry Drew, along with their 11K MMR mid lane player Rafli Fathur “Mikoto” Rahman, shined once again in the final match of the series. Drew on Troll Warlord and Mikoto on Queen of Pain went for early BKB’s and shut down Fanatic’s early aggression from Lina and Void Spirit, allowing their team to match the tempo Fnatic were trying to set up. More so, they turned around all the fights to put an end to Fnatic’s win streak in the DPC League.

While Fnatic will have a full week to rest and prepare for the next match-up, BOOM will return to the action tomorrow, February 4 with a best-of-three series against T1.

headline picture: StarLadder

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