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Epicenter XL ended with PSG.LGD taking the plaudits, beating Team Liquid 3-1 in the grand finals. This is Liquid’s second loss in the grand finals of a Major, the first one being the 3-0 loss to Secret at DreamLeague Season 8. LGD took second place at DAC 2018 and followed it up with a win in Moscow to show that their performance in China wasn’t just a one time thing. Epicenter XL was the first Major to be played after the introduction of 7.13 and 7.14. The game was slowed down quite a bit by 7.13 while 7.14 saw a lot of changes being made to heroes which ensured new pics in Moscow. Let’s take a look at the team stats and general stats for Epicenter XL..


Epicenter XL Team Stats

Epicenter XL Team Stats (data taken from


Epicenter XL General Stats

Total games played: 95
Games won by Radiant: 53
Games won by Dire: 42

Total heroes contested: 108
Most played hero: Sand King (36 games played, 18 won, win rate – 50%)
Most Banned hero: Io (74 games)
Hero with the highest win rate (more than 10 games): Slark (13 played, 11 won, win rate – 84.62%)

Some additional stats I’d like to add are for three heroes who have recently dominated a lot of tournaments but are falling down the pecking order.
Dragon Knight – 19 games, 8 wins (42.11% win rate)
Terrorblade – 14 games, 6 wins (42.86% win rate)
Tiny – 3 games (0 wins (0% win rate)

Techies: 4 games, 0 wins

Epicenter XL has brought new heroes like Slark, Axe and Windranger to the meta. Techies was introduced into Captain’s Mode but teams haven’t warmed up to the hero yet.

Just over a month before all the DPC points are awarded. There will be one Minor and three Majors in the next five to six weeks, so a lot of Dota 2 is coming our way!

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