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In what looks to be a neck and neck battle for the first place in the group stage at Epic League, managed to dethrone, inflicting the first loss on those who have been dominating the opposition for two weeks straight.

Coming into today’s match-up with, VP were sitting on a comfortable lead in the group play with 4 wins and no losses. Their absolute beastly form was shown in the first game of the series where they dismantled with a Lina-Undying support duo and a last pick Kunkka, which proved to be the perfect answer to their adversaries’ mid lane Tiny. Besides winning with ease the side lanes, given the amount of harass both Undying and Lina can deliver, the mid lane match-up heavily favored Danil “gpk” Skutin, who was able to establish a huge lead and start the rotations early to force a GG call at the 23 minute mark.

But, despite the demoralizing game one, evened the series with a Phantom Assassin – Io second draft. They prioritized sustainability in their itemization as they had to fight into the trio core Doom – Slardar – Juggernaut and managed to survive the mid game shenanigans to strike back with an Aghnaim’s Scepter build from Indji “Shad” Lub. 

Unfortunately for VP, they got outdarfted and outplayed in the third game as well. They seemed lost from the picking phase, going for a Draw Ranger- Venge combo into an Enchantress from Vikin, giving the Venge aura to their enemies pretty much every time Vengeful died. 

The game took a grim path for VP from early laning stage when Vikin’s  Viper-Earth Spirit was able to dismantle the Venge-Drow duo and saved the safe lane for Shad on Spectre as well. With VP’s only chance to stay in the game being to win the early stage,  the match was pretty much lost by the 20 minute mark, when the CIS youngsters have actually admitted defeat and tapped out.

The first loss in the group stage for pushes them to second place with 4 wins and one defeat while take the lead with 5 victories and 1 loss.

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