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Later today the final team to reach the EPIC League Division 1 event will be decided as Yellow Submarine face off against what is heavily rumoured to be the new “CIS-super team” featuring the likes of Solo, Ramzes and No[o]ne.

EPIC League Division 1 begins its group stages tomorrow, with 10 teams fighting for their share of an amazing $500,000 prize pool. However, the closed qualifiers for the event have been ongoing for some time now, with a plethora of teams fighting to claim the last two remaining spots in the main event. While one team claimed their spot late last night, Yellow Submarine have been left wondering who their opponent will be later today – and it seems that there are heavy rumours pointing toward the CIS-super team.

If this is true, YeS will be at a severe disadvantage, having played a ton of Dota 2 to get to the final stage – only to be placed against a team that has done no work to get through to the playoffs. However, it is also possible that this works in their favour, having had time to prepare with games against high-tiered opponents. The post made by Ben “Noxville” Steenhuisen highlights the fact that no public games of the CIS-super team are available, which makes things tougher for YeS.

These are not the only rumours of the CIS squad being entered into the event as even EPICENTER posted a picture just a couple of days ago, hinting at Alexey “Solo” Berezin’s return. From the rumours heard, the squad also features Vladimir “No[o]ne” Minenko and Roman “RAMZES666” Kushnarev – and with the recent benching of RAMZES from Evil Geniuses, it seems very likely that we can see this coming to fruition.

We will have more news on this roster later in the day as the EPIC League qualifier gets closer, but for now it seems rather unfair for Yellow Submarine to have to go up against such an amazing squad as their final hurdle to try reach the main event.

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