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With a short one-day break from the Dota Pro Circuit League action, EPIC Esports Events have confirmed that the third iteration of EPIC League will be coming our way in March of this year.

EPIC Esports Events have given us a host of Dota 2 action from around the world for quite some time, even teaming up with other organisations to bring us even more. Last year we saw both the first and second season of EPIC League – the former being named EPIC Prime. With that in mind, the organisers have now confirmed what will be the third iteration of the event as EPIC League returns in March for Season 3.

The event is set to feature a total of 16 teams from the EU and CIS regions – however, this time it seems as though there will be no lower tier divisions, although nothing on this has been confirmed. Running from March 2nd through to March 21st, EPIC League Season 3 is sure to feature some of the absolute best teams from the two regions, especially as it falls shortly before the first Major, giving teams a great chance to practice their skills before this.

It will be interesting to see if will be able to secure their third EPIC League title in a row, after VP.Prodigy claimed victory in Season 1 before becoming the main VP roster and taking the win over OG back in mid-December 2020. Even with some roster changes throughout the year, VP have already been relentless in their pursuit for a Major spot – currently unbeaten atop the CIS standings. However, that said, invites have not been confirmed as yet but with $100,000 on the line, we’re sure that teams will be looking to find their way into the EPIC League Season 3, coming in March 2021.

headline image courtesy of EPIC Esports Events

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