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After both Elephant and PSG.LGD demolished and eliminated their opponents earlier in the day, the two teams were set for a lower bracket elimination matchup against one another, with the winner moving forward into the lower bracket final of the China Dota2 Pro Cup Season 2.

Coming off two dominant victories, both teams looked fantastic going into their series – but when they had met during the group stage of the event, it was Elephant who came out on top, being part of LGD’s struggles early on. Elephant begun in the same manner, leaving Wang “Ame” Chunyu’s Terrorblade with nearly no space to do anything as everyone on their lineup got in on the killing action. It took only 26-minutes for the first game to end as LGD were now facing elimination if they were to lose the next game.

But LGD were not down and out just yet and while Elephant were able to almost entirely keep up in the kill department – a deadly combination of Mars’ Arena, Earth Spirits’ Magnetise and a Clinkz absolutely devastated their lineup on multiple occasions, leading to a tied series. Going into the final game of the series, LGD went into it looking great as things begun but some extremely poor positioning from Ame resulted in Elephant making a comeback and turning things around – but that was not where anything ended, as Zhao “XinQ” Zixing had his legendary Goblin Techies on hand.

After a magnificent base defense from LGD, tier 5 items begun to come out and even this was not able to turn things in anyone’s favour. Although Elephant were constantly building their lead, they had no way to break onto the high ground.

Even through all of that, Terrorblade along with the entire Elephant line up were far too strong for LGD to fight and after 94-minutes of watching Techies mines defending, the game came to an end with PSG.LGD losing 1-2. That would spell the end of their China Dota2 Pro Cup Season 2 run, meaning that there would be a new champion for the second season of the event. For Elephant, they will need to fight through the lower bracket final against EHOME tomorrow if they wanted a shot at taking the title.

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