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China’s Dota Pro Circuit League Season continued today with upper division action featuring Elephant and Invictus Gaming going head-to-head – in what was the first series for both teams of the event.

After a two-day interim, we were back to China upper division DPC League action, with a huge series to kick off the day – Elephant versus Invictus Gaming. While Elephant were easily the favourites, having had a tremendous end to 2020 and claiming a direct invite into the upper division, iG were not so lucky – having struggled for some time, up until the DPC qualifiers earlier this month. Now the team were looking to return to their former glory and what better way to start than by challenging one of the best teams in the region.

Game one would se a great start to their DPC 2021 for Elephant as they rolled over their opponents with ease – never giving up their control on the game. Lu “Somnus” Yao’s Puck was at the head of the pack, suffering only a single death through the 37-minute game, but grabbing one third of his team’s kills as Elephant looked unstoppable. But iG were not about to give up and showed just how easy it was to fight the Chinese top-flight team in game two. Perfect itemization and positioning from iG ensured that they would pummel their opponent into submission – with Zhou “Emo” Yi at the top of things with his Morphling destroying everyone in its path to tie the series at 1-1.

An unconventional pickup of Bristleback would be seen in the final game between these two teams as iG looked to open up their 2021 DPC with an upset. Although having a rough start, iG found their footing and begun to shutdown Elephant across the map. With a Wraith King and Bristleback on the frontlines, with Phoenix and Oracle behind them, Elephant struggled to ever take lives away from the iG lineup and eventually tapped out.

With their win, iG will now look forward to a brief break before their next series in the DPC League as they face EHOME on January 31st. For Elephant, they now face a tough week where they will have to play two more qualifier teams – LBZS and Team Aster, both who now have seen the super-team fall.

headline photo courtesy of Perfect World

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