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Just when everyone thought that the Elephant – 4AM drama is over with Zhang “Eurus” Chengjun’s transfer fee being paid in the end, and with the 4AM leaving the partnership, the controversy surrounding the starting line-up is heating up again.

When it was initially announced, the Elephant.4AM roster featured Liu “Sylar” Jiajun in the carry position. However, his stint with the team lasted exactly one day, as the organization deleted the announcement made on Weibo 24 hours later and have never given an official comment regarding the messy situation. The roster drama became bigger when it was revealed that Sylar was just a last minute solution to the impossibility of paying the transfer fee for Eurus to come from Vici Gaming.

With the conflict between the organizations, the players and the fans escalating and keeping the headlines for a full month, Sylar himself took to Weibo to ask everyone to stop pointing fingers and throw accusations. But, while the situation seemed to clear out in the recent weeks, EHOME, Sylar’s former organization, is coming forward as they deal with the same issue as Vici Gaming.

According to a post made by EHOME today on their official Weibo page, Elephant is yet to pay Sylar the agreed compensation for all the messed up situation. EHOME mention a signed agreement which takes the matter further than a simple verbal commitment.


EHOME post translates as follows:

“During the transfer period, with respect for the player’s personal will and his needs for career development, EHOME reached an agreement with Elephant on the transfer of Liu “Sylar” Jiajun, but we didn’t expect the drama later. Based on the principle of protecting the lawful rights and interests of the players and the club, the managements of both parties negotiated on the solutions and signed a relevant agreement on Elephant’s early termination of the contract and their liability for compensation.

However, until now, we have communicated with Elephant and urged them to pay the compensation multiple times, while they still haven’t fulfilled their obligations to pay the compensation according to the agreement.

It’s a pity that Elephant seemed to be unprofessional and informal without any spirit of contract on this matter. We hope that Elephant can abide by the agreement and fulfil their obligation of compensation as soon as possible. We will always reserve the right to take legal actions.”  (translation provided by Blair Zhang)

 Elephant hasn’t issued any official reply or comments as of yet.


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