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It’s a clean 6-0 victory streak for EHOME, who at the end of four days of competition are still undefeated at the Bucharest Minor. More than that, they are now just one series away from taking the Minor title and with it the final slot to the Chongqing Major.

EHOME came on top in group B where they cut through OG and Playmakers Esports to make their playoffs run a little bit smoother with an upper bracket start. Yesterday, they also made quick work of their fellow countryman from Keen Gaming and so they got to face Gambit Esports, the other dominating team in the tournament.

With both squads showing great form through the first three days of the Minor, the upper bracket finals were set to deliver great and close matches and all expectations were met. The first game of the series went up to 72 minutes, which is the longest game played at the Minor so far. Gambit ran a triple save combination, Snowball, Shallow Grave, and Astral Imprisonment, which empowered their already aggressive stance through the early laning stage. The combo proved to be extremely effective through the entire game, in fact, giving them multiple options for team fights engagements and great tools to survive them. On the opposite team, there was an Oracle who balanced the team fights and gave his team the sustainability needed. It was an extremely close game, where Gambit’s cores felt like immortal most of the times while EHOME’s game plan was built around Beastmaster and the vision advantage he can provide with his hawks.

Gambit are very good with their early game. The first 20 minutes against them are very hard. So, we knew we have to prepare for that kind of aggression and win in the late game,” said Zhang “Faith_bian” Ruida in the winner’s interview.

EHOME’s plan to keep their buildings alive was Sniper, who can stay far behind, slow the enemies and right click them to death, making any Gambit high ground push fail repeatedly. They executed their game plan to perfection to drag the game to a point where the player’s nerves and capacity to stay composed played an important factor. Besides the vision advantage, Faith_bian played another important role in his team victory. At the 47-minute mark, he managed to Roar the entire Gambit in the Roshan pit to steal the kill, the Aegis and the Cheese in a matter of split seconds. It wasn’t that particular Roshan steal that brought the victory, but it was a great play that forced Gambit into the very late game scenario.

“I was just lucky,“ said Faith_bian at the end of the series, minimalizing the importance of his personal play. He also revealed that he was the one who made the calls for the entire game one, because he was the one providing the vision, while in game two EHOME ‘s carry took the leadership, as he was playing Anti-Mage and he was the best choice to make the shots, telling his teammates when and on who to initiate or when and where to start the team fights. It’s a very different approach from what we generally know the professional teams do, and perhaps it’s one of the factors that made the difference for EHOME, the first team to reach the Bucharest Minor grand finals with a clean 6-0 victory record. The Bucharest Minor grand finals are scheduled for tomorrow, January 13 at 16:00 EET.

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