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Today, EG will play OG in the winner’s side of TI8. This is a matchup that everyone within the Dota2 world has been looking forward to since TI8 was announced. The reason is that OG has been one of the top teams in the world in the past few years. The core of the team was: Fly, Notail, S4, and 7ckngMad. Among the four, the partnership between Fly and Notail is legendary.


The two of the have been a duo since the days of HoN and the early days of Dota 2. They’ve always been a fan favorite, especially because people could connect with their friendship that the two had whenever they were seen in the games or on the broadcast. They’ve played on Fnatic, Secret, and the OG in Dota2, so it has spanned for over 6 years.


So it was a shock to the entire Dota2 world when Fly and S4 decided to join EG at the end of this DPC season. It was hard to know why the move happened. I’ve done long form interviews with both cr1t and 7ckngMad about the shuffle, and no one seems to know why Fly decided to make this move. Whatever the case, it was a devastating move that could have broken OG.


Instead OG were able to take that pain and turn it into fire. Now tomorrow, teammate will fight teammate, friend will fight friend. Tomorrow EG will play OG and no matter who wins, love loses.

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