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Today at Beyond Epic, we saw B8 having to play two back-to-back series, as well as Liquid taking on FlyToMoon – but for B8, the challenge was far too much for them.

Opening the day, we would see Team Liquid fighting against FlyToMoon, with Liquid looking to continue their unbeaten streak and remain at the top of Group B but FTM had been playing amazing recently – winning their first two series. Unfortunately for FTM, Liquid were just far too strong as they rolled over them in under an hour over two games and took a commanding lead atop the group. Liquid have only one series remaining in the group stage of the event now when they face off against on Monday, June 22nd.

The biggest news of the day was that Danil ‘Dendi’ Ishutin’s B8 squad would have to play two separate series, back-to-back – one against and the other against OG. Although through both series we saw B8 put up a decent fight, they could not hold their own against either squad. were able to absolutely obliterate but against OG, they did put up a decent fight in the first game but after ultimately losing that game, the second was a walkover.

In a full day of 2-0 series, B8 were unable to conquer any of their opponents and now sit very close to the bottom of Group A – with only one more series left to play. Their final series won’t be easy either as they play Team Secret on the last day of the Beyond Epic: EU & CIS group stages.

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