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The Canadian tournament organizer BEATesports is bringing today a Dota Auto Chess showmatch which will involve 16 Dota 2 and card games personalities fighting against each other, with the commentary provided by Kevin “Purge” Godec, Andrew “Zyori” Campbell and Trent “TrentPax” MacKenzie.

The BEATesports showmatch starts today, February 26 at 17:00 CET / 11 AM EST / 8 AM PST and will feature a group stage tournament format, leading into a playoffs stage. On the Dota 2 team beloved casters such as Toby “TobiWan” Dawson, Austin “Capitalist” Walsh alongside renowned streamers, pro players and even a TI winner, will try to prevail against card game experts and champions.

compLexity Gaming’s Hearthstone, Gwent, Artifact and more recently Dota Auto Chess players, Jan “SuperJJ” Janssen, and Simon “Crane333” Raunholst, together with Evil Geniuses’ Gwent and Artifact master Sean “Swim” Huguenard will fight for the honor of card games team. Jason “Amaz” Chan will also participate to the event if his Dota Auto Chess ban will be lifted in time. It was only yesterday when the Dota 2 mod developers implemented a report feature to the game and after a few matches on the new patch, Amaz discovered that he got banned.

Hopefully, everything will be fine for Amaz and everyone participating today in the BEATesports showmatch. The 16 players were divided in two groups of eight and will fight head to head with top three from each group advancing to the finals, those placed 4th to 7th will advance into a bubble bracket while the last placed in each group will be eliminated.

Showmatch format:

  • 2 groups of 8 players
  • Group A – Top 3 advance to finals, Spots 4,5,6,7 move to Match C (LB Finals). Bottom 1 is eliminated.
  • Group B – Top 3 advance to finals, Spots 4,5,6,7 move to Match C (LB Finals). Bottom 1 is eliminated. ​
  • LB Match – Spots 4,5,6,7 from A + B play again. Top 2 make it to finals


Group A – 17:00 CET









Group B – 17:45 CET









The entire brawl will be broadcast live on the moonduckTV channel.

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