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As with many games, Dota 2 has seen a plethora of amazing cosplay and some of the best come out to The International event to show off their work and hopefully claim the prize in the contest. With TI postponed, we look back at some of the most epic cosplays of the past events.

Although the first few TI events may not have had official contests, that did not stop cosplayers showing up dressed to the tee in garb of their favourite Dota 2 heroes. From the early days, Dota 2 and its predecessor saw many putting in time, effort, blood, sweat and tears into creating a cosplay that both themselves and the community would love – and it shows. First, we’ll take a look back at some of those pre-contest cosplays from The International before moving on to things from a more recent time period.

The International 2012-2015

While we did not see very many cosplayers back at The International 2 and 3, they were definitely there – even if it was just someone dressing up as their favourite hero to have some fun. At TI2 we saw a Windrunner cosplay, which definitely had some head’s turning, while TI3 gave us the two (hopefully) friends, who wandered around together all day as Ogre Magi.

But it wasn’t just fans of the game getting involved, even two of the most famous players had some fun with a prop Axe – and that definitely wouldn’t be the last we’d see of Danil ‘Dendi’ Ishutin having a good time at TI.

The International 2015 saw a massive array of cosplays, from Sniper and Invoker to Crystal Maiden and even a Faceless Rex courier cosplay which seemed to brighten up even the worst days. Below are some of our favourites from this event – including the return of Dendi, this time in a Pudge cosplay, before playing in the All-Star match.

The International 2016

TI6 introduced something completely new to the event – a cosplay contest inviting all from around the world to show off their amazing skills and possibly win a sizeable prize pool of $15,000. And the cosplayers definitely upped the standard of Dota 2 cosplay by a huge amount. With so much work going into these amazing cosplays and a prize, the judges would pick a top three, which can be seen below along with some of the honourable mentions that we feel are amazing.

The International 2017

By the time TI7 came around, it was definitely not the only event hosting cosplay contests – with some of the Majors and ESL One events also showing off the talents of the creative community too. But, that aside, the contest remained the same as the year before, and the cosplayers came out in masses. Plus, we had the fantastic opportunity to see the two hosts, Kaci ‘Kaci’ Aitchison and Jake ‘SirActionSlacks’ Kanner dressing up too, which gave everyone a lot of laughs.

The International 2018

With TI8, the Dota 2 cosplay game had reached a completely new level and the contest showed that off to no end. The finals saw the likes of Treant Protectors, Warlocks, and a host of other amazing works too – and below you can see some of the best, including the winners of the contest.

The International 2019

Having taken place less than a year ago, TI9 is definitely still in our minds and the cosplays which came out at the event were nothing less than spectacular. Every single one of the cosplayers put in tons of work into their outfits and everything that we saw in the contest was amazing.

We all love to see the creativity of the Dota 2 community, whether it be in game with a weird strategy or interaction, through art such as drawing or their cosplay work or in any way at all. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing what comes to The International 10, whenever it might be, but we know for sure that it will look amazing.

all images courtesy of Valve

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