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Dota 2 patch 7.27 brought in quite a few changes that altered the game significantly. One of the changes that affected Captains Mode was a change in the ban phases from 4-1-1 to 2-3-2, which would completely change how drafters looked at the game. In recent interviews that VPEsports conducted with professional players or coaches, we asked them all about what they thought about the change and how it had changed their outlook. Here’s what they had to say:

Question: The drafting stage was changed in 7.27 How has the ban change from 4-1-1 to 2-3-2 affected the gameplay?

Kuku (former Geek Fam offlaner)

It impacts the drafting significantly, because if you have three or four solid heroes that your team can excel with, you always end up getting at least two, now that only two heroes can be banned in the first phase. If you have second pick, you can abuse the last pick in the first pick phase, because you get to follow it up with two bans. It can narrow the choices into something very specific. It also impacts the later portion of the draft, as that will be a reaction to the strong heroes picked earlier.

Save (VP.Prodigy support and captain)

The new ban system is better for teams with a small hero pool. With only two bans in the first phase, there is a liberty to pick your strong heroes in the first phase. One of the biggest impacts of this change is that the team with the second pick closes the first pick phase, and can get their carry early on in the draft. That is followed by three bans, which can be used to ban three good heroes against the carry. And the team picking second also has the last pick of the draft saved for mid, so I would say second pick got buffed with this change.

Blitz (Team Liquid coach)

It’s actually pretty interesting. It’s kind of wonky right now, it’s hard for me to say. I would say it has become harder to get cheesed right now, so a lot of teams will probably enjoy playing against us because we are the Broodmother team.

Era (Ninjas in Pajamas support)

This was actually the hardest thing for me to cope with since I was the one drafting at Dota PIT. It was just very tricky for me to understand the first phase, actually. The dynamic is so different from when you used to have the second pick revealing two heroes after the first pick drafts one hero. Now it’s 1-1-1-1, you know. The two bans I kind of like in the start going into three afterwards. It allows everyone to start off a base of a strategy in the first phase so you can get any good combination, the heroes that you like as a team and when the enemy gets to pick on what you are trying to do, they can alter your vision for the game, or protect something that they want to have. So, I really like that change. However, it’s the first phase that kind of bugs me and I’m yet to fully understand how to utilize it or which pick I like more. Do I like the second pick more, because of the last pick or do I like the first pick more because of the 15th pick?

Zayac ( support)

Zayac had an additional part asked with the question: With the 7.27 patch, Valve changed the draft stage from 4-1-1 to 2-3-2. How much did it affect the gameplay, perhaps it became a little harder to pick signature heroes?

On the contrary, because there are less number of bans available in the first phase. Previously, it was possible to ban almost the whole hero pool of some players immediately. Now, you can pick the core position heroes in the first stage again, because after that there are three bans. Previously, if you took a carry in the first stage, the opponent could possibly find a good hero against him and you, obviously, would lose the draft. Now you can take some hero as core and use the bans to block the counters for it and play calmly. Then you have two more bans before the last pick. This allows for more signature heroes to be taken.

Mikoto (BOOM esports mid laner)

It makes the first ban phase very important and you need to think really well about what heroes do you want to pick before the banning. Plus, every patch always has 3-4 overpowered heroes and because of that you will end up always struggling in the drafting stage.

From the looks of it, it can be agreed upon that teams with a more concentrated hero pool will benefit from this change and that second pick now has more of a benefit than before. It is interesting how small changes like these can have massive impacts on not just teams’ way of thinking and drafting, but the results of entire tournaments.

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