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A week before their first Major in the season, compLexity Gaming announced the departure of Wu Heng “Deth” Yang from their roster.

It is an unfortunate timing for a move like this, especially after the whole Team Team drama, but unlike their fellows who are also qualified for the upcoming Major, coL made a lengthy press release to shed light on their decision.

From compLexity’s official statement:

“As an organization, we understand that the timing for this is not ideal. We never enjoy making roster changes, especially just weeks before a Major. In this case, both Deth and the team felt this change was needed, despite the unfortunate timing.

While the mutual decision was made shortly after the conclusion of ESL One Mumbai, this was not a reaction to an early exit from the event. This roster change comes as the conclusion to a number of internal discussions that have taken place over the recent weeks. The team has experienced not only the normal stress that comes with a competitive atmosphere, but also the additional stresses of visa issues and the adjustment to living far from home. Ultimately, a mutual decision was reached that would see Deth leaving and returning to Singapore.”

Deth will receive his share of prize money from MDL Disneyland® Paris Major and will be paid his monthly full salary through the Major, announced the organization.

I’ve been really glad to be part of coL for the past 5 months and would like to thank both the team and the organization for everything. I had a great time and learned a lot, unfortunately somewhere down the road it felt like things were not working out and hence we had to part ways. Nevertheless, I wish them all the best in the Major!” – Wu Heng “Deth” Yang

coL will be traveling next week to Paris with Jaron “monkeys-forever” Clinton in the offlane position on a trial basis. This will mark monkeys-forever second stint with the NA organization after back in 2016, he’s been with them at the Boston Major.

compLexity Gaming roster:

  • Galvin “Meracle” Kang Jian Wen
  • Linus “Limmp” Blomdin
  • Jaron “monkeys-forever” Clinton
  • Zakari “Zfreek” Freedman
  • Adam “Adam” Shah

headline photo: ESL One

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