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During the short break between The International and the start of the new Dota 2 Pro Circuit Season, many Dota 2 players found themselves pulled into World of Warcraft Classic – including some big names in the Chinese region.

Blizzard’s re-release of World of Warcraft (Vanilla) has been something that many players of the game from around the world have been waiting for – almost hoping that it would revive the game to some extent. As TI9 ended, Classic released and while there were definitely things to be done first regarding Dota 2, many of the players, casters and community would start the long grind to level 60.

Of these, a Chinese guild formed which featured the likes of Huang ‘LongDD’ Xiang, Jiang ‘YYF’ Cen, He ‘Inflame’ Yongzheng and Zhang ‘Mu’ Pan – many of whom are members of the Old Boys Dota 2 roster. After they completed their search for a youth team in the region, WoW became their focus for some time and once they made it to the highest level, Ragnaros became their target.

Ragnaros is a famed raid boss in WoW and has also featured in many other Blizzard games such as Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone too, as well as making a comeback in a later WoW expansion. The boss is the final one in Molten Core, a frustratingly long 40-man raid which is home to two legendary items essentially; Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker and Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros. While neither actually drops from the raid, the components required to make them are scattered around in bosses, with Ragnaros himself dropping the Eye of Sulfuras required for the legendary mace.

image: Wowhead

On September 14, almost a week ago now, the Old Boys guild – which was built from many of the supporters and followers of the Chinese players, made their way into MC and took down Ragnaros. Within the loot was the Eye of Sulfuras and at that time it was only the second time that it had been seen dropping across the world for Classic (the first time for China). Within the 40-man raid, the item went up for bidding by the Master Looter and it was LongDD that threw out a huge sum of 20,000 gold to acquire the item.

With the help of his fans, LongDD then crafted the Sulfuron Hammer in only three quick days – this is an epic mace required to complete the legendary. The epic itself is painstakingly difficult to make, requiring the assistance of Alchemists, Blacksmiths and Miners as well as more items from the raid itself. Once crafted, the played need only to have the Eye of Sulfuras and they would be able to create the legendary – which is exactly what occurred on September 17th.

The two videos above show, firstly the item being obtained and then secondly, the legendary being created. There are many questions around the legendary going to a Warrior – over the years the mace has had many classes saying that they are the best to wield the powerful weapon – but the other big part is the sum of 20,000 gold. In current WoW, 20,000 is considered “pocket change” but in Classic, that amount this early is ridiculously high. However, if LongDD had the help of multiple people in the community, there is a very high chance that he now has some WoW debts to payback.

As a WoW player myself for nearly 15 years, I definitely remember clambering around Orgrimmar when someone first showed up with this magnificent weapon – and I remember the grind to help a guildmate acquire it (for a cost, of course). While Classic continues to give people something to do while there is some Dota 2 downtime, we’re sure that the entire Old Boys lineup is getting ready to turn their focus back to their youth squad just before the qualifiers begin.

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