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Soon after LGD Gaming posted their official statement regarding Du “Monet” Peng contract infringement, a couple of well-known players went on the Chinese social media platform to comment on the situation.

As Monet is in full disagreement with the organization with which he signed a contract for three years, he was one of the first to post something in reply to LGD’s Weibo post. As expected, he was not backing up at all.


“LGD Gaming is a disgusting club which likes to play emotional cards but do evil things. You were the first to breach the contract. How do you dare to say all these things about me to everyone?”


Since this drama started the LGD Gaming Manager, Pan Fei and Monet posted two lengthy letters on Weibo which we will publish in full as soon as we are able to provide an accurate translation. Until then, we look to what other players, some who know both Monet and the LGD organization had to say about the whole situation. One of these players is Zhang “xiao8” Ning who was mentioned in the LGD statement as one of those who have negotiated for Monet during this fall shuffle.


Xiao8 had more than one post. He initially confirmed what LGD said and felt the need to give more insight into his negotiation process with the organization owner, Pan “RuRu” Jie.



“At the beginning, LGD didn’t even want to loan Monet to us. I had a quarrel with Ruru because of that and even blacklisted her on wechat. Finally, LGD agreed to do me this favor and now all I get is a “Sorry” from Monet. Of course, later I apologized to Ruru and re-added her.”


Liu “Sylar” Jiajun who just a few days ago was in the middle of another Chinese drama, ironically also related to players’ transfers, has made only a short comment saying that “players really need some form of protection.”


Zhang “LaNm” Zhicheng, a player who is extremely familiar with the loan procedures as he played on a such contract for the past season, being borrowed by VGJ.Thunder from EHOME, has said the followings:


“Why no one is giving legal service/contractual consultant work for Dota 2 players? Lots of teenagers come to club and dozens of contract papers are put in front of them. How could those teenagers understand them? If they don’t sign the papers, they don’t have a place to play. I think that someone who can do this consulting job could earn a fortune.”


The Chinese veteran, retired DotA player and now Dota 2 commentator Dong “DC” Can took more time and shared his opinions in a lengthy piece focused around the idea of professionalism or the lack of it when it comes down to how players act during shuffle windows.



“Guys, let’s be honest, do you think that organizations are solely responsible for all these transfer dramas?

Every year, there are always tons of dramas during the post-TI shuffle. Every time a disagreement occurs, players choose to go on social media and activate their fans. Does bashing the organizations during the transfer period really benefit the career development of professional players?

I think what players need the most right now is not protection, but professionalism. They need to read the contract carefully, sign the contract carefully and honor the contract when it’s been signed instead of talking about “personal relationship” or “verbal promises” when they are asked to carry out their obligations.

To professional players, organizations are their employers and not their enemies. Of course they don’t want to let their best players leave, otherwise, why did they spend that much money to sign the long-term contract in the first place? Just like I won’t sell my star player easily when I play “Championship Manager”.

Or, just like LaNm mentioned, players can always choose to sign a short-term contract. That way you’ll be a free agent during every shuffle period, isn’t that good?

Do you really think it’s reasonable for players to get both a long-term contract level salary and the freedom to transfer every year?

Organizations are bound by the contract to pay players on time, and players are also bound by the contract to carry out their obligations.

It’s already 2018, we will be having the 9th TI next year and the professional Dota scene has been existing for more than 10 years. That’s enough time to make an “Internal Affairs” sequel, so we can’t justify these dramas with excuses like being ”young” and “inexperienced”.

These contracts are worth millions, is it really that expensive to hire a professional agent or lawyer to help you with these things?

If everyone activates their fans to fight for their rights every time a disagreement occurs, then what is the point of signing a contract?!

I’ve been wanting to say these things for a long time, no vague words or fancy vocabulary. Just some straight words from a man who is sick and tired of seeing all these dramas repeat themselves every year”.


As previously mentioned, Monet has posted a long list of accusations against LGD and the organization already answered him with a lot of screenshots and contractual quotes. VPesports will bring you all the updates regarding this matter. Stay tuned!


*Disclaimer: VPEsports is a Washington State based esports news media company funded by VPGame.



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