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Playoffs at the MDL Chengdu Major were well underway, and the first round of the Lower Bracket would see China and CIS fighting for tournament survival in the opening two best-of-one elimination series.

The first battle between these two regions would see EHOME taking on Team Spirit, with only one game to decide which of the two teams would progress at the Major and which would be the first to be eliminated. It was a fairly even matchup for the opening period but a few mistakes from Spirit were what would cause the game to get completely away from them, with mis-timed Chronosphere’s and missed Timberchains too.

It took a little over half an hour for EHOME to force out the GG call as Team Spirit would be the first team eliminated from the Chengdu Major. EHOME will move on in the lower bracket where they will face Team Liquid tomorrow.

China and CIS were not done yet though as next up was the best-of-one elimination series between Team Aster and Gambit Esports. Aster came out swinging with Kee ‘ChYuan’ Chyuan Ng on a Bristleback and Song ‘Sccc’ Chun on a Faceless Void which constantly punished the Gambit lineup. By 30-minutes, the net worth lead was nearing 30k as Aster refused to give Gambit a single opening to get back into the game.

With the victory, Aster move on in the lower bracket to face off against Alliance in the next round tomorrow while Gambit, the last hope of the CIS region at the Chengdu Major, will be eliminated.

The day at MDL Chengdu is not over just yet with two more massive best-of-one elimination series still on the way before day one of the playoffs ends. Next up will be Fnatic taking on Team Unknown before beastcoast and Team Adroit fight in the final match of the day.

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