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Sébastien “Ceb” Debs’s recent xenophobic outburst in a pub game reopened the public discussion on one of the biggest issue the community struggles with. The recurring toxicity of pro players in the pub Dota 2 games and how or what should be done to prevent this from happening represent the hot topic of the moment.

Ceb is today waiting for his sentence and as Valve hasn’t got officially involved yet, the TI8 Champion participated today in a Q&A session with the Russian studio RuHub. His presence on the stream came after Alexei “Solo” Berezin threatened he won’t participate in the upcoming EPICENTER Major if Valve doesn’t take a stand on the matter and judging by the statements made by both players today, they already found a way to settle down the conflict and take positive actions moving forward rather than creating more friction and tension.

“We are trying to make something happen together, something inspirational, something positive out of all of this,” said Ceb during the RuHub Q&A session, but didn’t give any other details on that. However, asked about a possible effort from the competitive community to self-regulate the scene, Ceb answered: “I think that would be a great initiative and not only that I’m willing to be a part of it, if I’m welcomed, I would also give my best efforts to make something great come out of it. And I think that having Solo and I involved, for example, it will be a great symbol of how you turn something bad, some mistake, something shameful, into something better. As for the community, I think we can regulate ourselves. We built something amazing together even before Valve stepped in, from the very beginning of DotA, up to today.”

Ceb has also mentioned that he is looking into charities and other actions to clear his name.

“I am regretful of what I’ve done and I don’t blame people for being upset or even angry at me. I understand it and I respect it. Now it’s my time to make a mend and of course I’m looking into actions that I can do to show to the people my good will. But it’s not even about that, it’s also for myself. I can’t sleep properly thinking that I am what I said, because I’m not what I said, but I have to prove that to myself again. So, short term and long term, generally I’m looking at different actions and I will communicate about them once I find them. I want to find something that is true with my own self, something that makes sense for the person that I am. “

At the end of the Q&A session Ceb asked for forgiveness saying the following: “I’ve heard and I’ve read a lot of things in the last 48 hours and I just want to remind people that what the Dota 2 community built is something truly wonderful, and something that I think helps each of us to grow as person.

I had a bad moment, I made a pretty bad mistake and I want to make amends through future actions, as I said. I do believe that we all deserve a second chance. I gave second chances to people around me and it is not my place to say whether I deserve it or not, I’m just asking for it. I’m asking for forgiveness.”

Immediately after the Q&A ended Solo made a new post revealing that he, Ceb and Valve have been in talks for the past 48 hours and that they are all working together to find long-term solutions to the toxicity in pub games.

Alexei “Solo” Berezin

“ Over the last 48 hours we’ve had detailed discussions with Seb and Valve about this whole situation. We’re working on a long-term solution together but it’ll obviously take some time. All I can say now is that I’m glad that everyone is on the same page about what we need to do, how we need to do it, and having support from Valve makes me optimistic about our ability to tackle racism. Right now we all need to calm down and focus on the new patch, upcoming tournaments and game we all love. We’ll update you when we finalize the solution for this.”

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