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Accused of match fixing activities and banned from all major Chinese tournaments, Newbee issued earlier today a three days notice to Chinese DOTA2 Professional Association (CDA), the body that conducted the investigation in the first place, asking for proof for the match fixing allegation and made a couple of allegations themselves.

According to Newbee, when interviewed by CDA, the players got threatened, intimidated by the interviewers, staff members of CDA, who also tried to induce the players to make untruthful, incriminatory statements.

CDA made a formal reply to Newbee’s accusations on Weibo stating the followings:

Chinese DOTA2 Professional Association

“The CDA Association conducted cross-checks and on May 15th, we borrowed the meeting room of Mars Media to conduct a separate and detailed inquiry to the five players, and informed the players in advance that this inquiry was based on a voluntary basis and that we recorded the entire process. There was no coercion, intimidation, etc. throughout the inquiry.

The CDA Association submitted all the videos to Perfect World on May 18 and to Valve on May 19.

During the investigation talk, CDA Association always hoped the players could realize their errors and mend their ways. After the investigation, players and relevant interest groups chose to collude with each other, and they tried to overturn the fact they stated alone in the talk. Thus, we were very disappointed.

CDA Association will firmly stick up for the announcement made on May 15th. Again, we emphasize that based on the ecology and environment of China DOTA2 professional tournaments and our zero tolerance of improper profit-making activities like match fixing, CDA Association will never appease such behavior.”


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