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Business Associates lost the last match and the upper bracket semifinals series against Chaos Esports Club through some careless decisions. The victory was close as they had 11,000 networth lead and the opponents were one lane of barracks down, but they failed to capitalize on their advantage.

Game 3 Picks and Bans

Draft Advantage 48-52

Draft Analysis:

The draft advantage was equal and Business Associates had advantage in split pushing whereas Chaos had advantage in initiation, nuke damage, team fight, durability, disables and mobility.


The laning stage was equal for both the teams but BA gained momentum when they killed the first Roshan at the 17th minute mark. The same thing happened with Chaos, they also recovered a bit after killing the next Roshan, 25 minutes into the game. After several positioning mistakes from BA, they lost their lead. In the end, BA killed Roshan again and in their last attempt to push the high ground, they got destroyed which ended the game for them.

Mistake #1: item choices

The Lone Druid item build was completely out of meta. A YOLO build picked from pubs doesn’t work in professional matches where every mistake leads to a huge loss. Mask of Madness was a good item but after that Lone Druid bought Daedalus. Now, Daedalus for Lone Druid is a fancy item which can be picked as a 5th or 6th item but even then it is not required. Against Troll Warlord you need MKB, BKB, Basher, Mjollnir, Moon Shard and Assault Cuirass. Mjollnir provides magic damage and attack speed whereas MKB is a direct counter to Troll. Without these items, Troll can easily 1v1 the bear. This item build didn’t even allow Lone Druid to be effective against other heroes as we can see that in the end, Lone Druid dealt the lowest amount of damage among all heroes, which is shocking.

Templar Assassin purchased Bloodthorn, a very expensive item just to counter Void Spirit when he was not a problem. Troll Warlord was the biggest threat and as all the cores in this team were right click damage dealers, it was necessary to counter Troll first because Troll counters all right click damage heroes. MKB on TA would have been more helpful than Bloodthorn. Lone Druid with good attack speed and 0 second CD entangle talent can easily counter an under-farmed Void Spirit with multiple roots. Void Spirit didn’t even have Eul’s Sceptre to escape from root. Bloodthorn on TA would have been a little helpful against Pangolier but still he wasn’t a threat as he had no damage item. With the help of Shiva’s Guard, Pangolier would have survived against the damage during the Bloodthorn’s silence duration.

Mistake #2: positioning

BA underestimated Chaos and the heroes kept on farming far away from each other. Chaos were able to find easy ganks on several occasions. This prevented Business Associates from establishing a proper map control and momentum.

Networth Graph
End Game Statistics
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