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For a good few months now, since Newbee’s fall began at the start of 2018, the Chinese scene has been looking for a team to be up there along with PSG.LGD. Vici Gaming were playing some good Dota at the start of the year, but fizzled out towards the end. China had only one team in the top 8 at TI8, which was LGD who finished runners-up to OG. Other than that, all the Chinese teams failed to live up to their potential. The answer to that problem might be Aster, the new team formed by Xu ‘BurNIng’ Zhilei.

After a battle with VGJ.Thunder regarding Sylar’s contract, it seems BurNIng came out on top to clinch the services of Sylar, who will be playing position 1 for the team. There was a lot of drama over Sylar’s transfer fees and apparently, it was all discussed openly on Weibo, which is the Chinese equivalent of Twitter. Two of the key components to the team are BurNIng’s ex-teammates from Invictus Gaming, Xxs and BoBoKa! Xxs recently played as a mid laner for IG, but a year back when they were one of the top teams in the scene, Xxs played as and offlaner and was quite feared for his Magnus and Legion Commander. BoBoKa is arguably one of the best position 4 supports in the Chinese Dota 2 scene. He was the one who warmed up the professional scene to Monkey King when no team was using the hero after just being introduced to the CM mode. BoBoKa’s position 4 Monkey King was a crucial part of IG’s victory at DAC 2017. Another man who needs no introductions is Fenrir, who tried his luck with Vici Gaming last season. After a unsatisfactory end to the season, it seems he decided to move on.

You could almost call this team an all-star Chinese team. The keyword, however, is almost. The mid player for the team will be Dstones. Dstones is a 23 year old player who played as a mid laner for CDEC.C and a few other tier two and tier three teams. This will be the first he will be playing with a top team with a lot of expectations. But considering the fact that he is a BurNIng approved player, there must definitely be something good in him!  VGJ.Thunder’s coach, rOtK, was apparently also offered a position by BurNIng, but he chose to stay with his old team.

There is no doubt this is an exciting team and can be one to make China a formidable region again. For the Kuala Lumpur Major, Aster do not have a direct invite to the regional qualifiers and will have to go through the open qualifiers. If they manage to do that convincingly, it will be a message to the other teams around to teak them seriously.


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