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While we have mainly been focusing on the Upper Division of the European Dota Pro Circuit League, the Lower Division has seen some crazy happenings – as a team have now been disqualified.

Being in the lower division of the EU DPC League is nothing to be scoffed at, especially with some of the well-known players on some of the teams. Although the main focus is currently the upper division, due to teams wanting to reach the first Major of the season, EU’s lower division has seen a few interesting things happening this week. On Tuesday, February 16th, Meta4Pro withdrew from the event after they suspected one of their own players of match-fixing. Now, another team from this division has been disqualified after they essentially breached the tournament rules.

According to the Tweet from DreamHack Dota above, burjui were disqualified from the event, effective immediately, after breaking tournament rules. In their fully detailed post, DreamHack stated the following after a thorough investigation of the matter,

“The team recently requested to officially replace one of their players after using a substitute for the maximum allowance of four matches per season, stating medical reasons and provided a medical document of a positive COVID-19 test result. In special circumstances, an emergency transfer could be allowed upon reviewing the case and the provided documents.

The information to request the emergency transfer conflicted with previous information provided by the team and triggered an investigation. During the course of the investigation, we asked for additional information and evidence to clarify the situation to which the team declined. At the same time, the positive COVID-19 test result was inspected and its authenticity checked, and it was discovered that the document was forged.”

source: DreamHack

As can be seen from the DreamHack statement, burjui forged a document relating to a player having COVID-19 in order to utilise a stand-in player for longer than the officially agreed upon time period. While there is no currently no further word from Valve on whether this team will face further bans, it is possible that this team will not be seen again.

For the lower division of the EU DPC, this means that all six remaining teams will be safe from elimination, with Meta4Pro and burjui now essentially eliminated from the event. All that is left now if for the remaining teams to wrap up their last few series and hope to make it into the upper division for next season.

headline image courtesy of DreamHack

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