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Drodo Studio, the Dota Auto Chess arcade mode developer announced today a mobile version of their game. The new franchise is called simply Auto Chess, losing the Dota tag, and it’s created by Drodo Studio along with the Chinese mobile games publisher Dragonest.

Auto Chess mobile is available for reservation for IOS and Android by creating an account on the Dragonest page. According to the announcement made March 14, the mobile account can be linked to the Steam, Dota 2 mode and it will grant candy rewards. Candies will also be available for purchases on the mobile version at the rate of 1RMB for 10 candies.

The mobile version doesn’t feature any of the Dota 2 couriers and heroes anymore as it’s not made in collaboration with Valve. However, the new mobile game enters the competitive scene with a 10,000,000 RMD (~$1,500,000) league organized by ImbaTV. The Drangonest launch page doesn’t offer any other details about the league, but more info is to be released soon. However, it is mentioned on the launch page that “no matter where you are from, you can compete with players from all over the world.”

Dota Auto Chess was launched by Drodo Studio as an arcade mode available in Dota 2 in January this year and just earlier this week has surpassed six million subscribers.

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