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Alliance secured a spot in the Upper Division of season 1 of the EU DPC League after defeating mudgolems 2-1, in what turned out to be a close fought game 3. This year’s DPC format consists of two seasons with a league format for each of the six regions, culminating in a DPC Major. For the EU region, the final four teams will be decided through a ‘decider tounament’, as it is called. secured the first of those spots by defeating Chicken Fighters, and Alliance now becomes the second team to do so.

EU decider tournament bracket (taken from Liquipedia)

Alliance’s path to qualification wasn’t the easiest one. They were pushed to a deciding game by Hellbear Smashers in their first series, and had to endure a one hour game in the decider against mudgolems, where their Phantom Assassin was making things difficult with two Divine Rapiers. Alliance had a 18k net worth lead after 42 minutes, but none of their cores had an MKB against PA, who decided to go for the +35% Evasion talent to take her evasion up to 80%! Once she got a Rapier, things started to turn around and mudgolems nearly brought the net worth lead down to 0. But eventually, Wraith King and Bristleback did get MKBs and after getting two pickoffs, were able to get megas and take back control of the game. It’s not over for mudgolems though, as they have another chance to qualify through the lower bracket. A win against Hippomaniacs will secure them a spot in the Upper Division as well.

Alliance vs mudgolems game 3

The teams for the Upper Division will be finalized on the 14th of January and the league begins on the 18th of January. Every team will play a best-of-3 series each week and the top four teams from the EU league will travel to the first DPC Major, which will take place in March.

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