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Abed ‘Abed’ Yusop recently made the move from Southeast Asia to North America to be a part of the new Evil Geniuses roster. EG finished the Chengdu Major in 4th place, losing to Invictus Gaming, but before that unfolded, VPEsports caught up with Abed on to talk about the Chengdu Major, EG’s new roster, his move to NA and the upcoming patch (7.23).

Hello Abed! Thanks for taking the time to talk with us. How are you doing? Are you enjoying Chengdu?

It has been pretty chill so far. Yes, I’m enjoying Chengdu.

Let’s get right into the Major. You started off well against Adroit, but stumbled against Team Liquid (group stages). What happened there?

I think the games against Liquid got dragged too long. They had a good idea of how to win against us.

Against Vici Gaming, EG made a great comeback in game 2 but went on to lose game 3. What happened in game 3?

I believe we didn’t hit our timings at the right time in game 3. When our heroes hit their timings, Vici Gaming were already quite a bit stronger than us.

Next, you’ll be facing the winner of Team Liquid and Alliance. Any preference on who you want to play again?

Team Liquid. I would like to have a rematch against them.

What would you say is the big difference between NA and SEA? The pubs and scrims…

In SEA, there are more players, there is a bigger player pool. There are more teams as well. You can scrim against SEA as well as Chinese team. In North America, there aren’t too many teams to scrim against.

Which region do you believe is more competitive? Once all the teams are back, do you think one region deserves more direct invites?

I don’t think one region deserves more spots over the other. Competitively, I’d say the regions are similar.

How are you settling in with Evil Geniuses? What is your goal for the season?

Right now, we are just trying to get better each day. Goals wise, we are just focusing on this tournament (Chengdu Major) for now.

Who do you get along with the best in the team?

I’m probably closest to Bulba. I’ve played with him before (in Digital Chaos).

A new patch is coming up in a week. What would you love to see in 7.23? Any specific hero getting a buff or any getting a nerf?

I want to see ranked roles gone with the new patch.

What about heroes and mechanics wise?

I’d like to see mid heroes, especially Invoker and Meepo, get buffed. No real mechanics changes; the game is in a good place right now.

Do you think Alchemist is broken?

I don’t think Alchemist is broken, but he is definitely one of the best heroes currently out there.

And Morphling and Earthshaker combo…?

That combo is also beatable, but if Morph hits his timing ahead of the opposition cores, the combo can be really strong.

Let’s get to something lighter. What does Abed like to do in his time off?

When I’m at home, I stay away from Dota. I try to spend as much time with my family as possible.

Any shoutouts?

Shoutout to iceiceice!

Thank you, Abed and good luck, in the games ahead!

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