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photo by ESL One

On April 16th 2019 the Team Aster organization announced a new team that would be playing under the name Team Sirius, featuring some big names in the Chinese Dota 2 community. However, as with much of the China scene currently, there are already roster changes.

According to our sources, Xiaofei, the owner the Team Aster organization, leaked a bit of information during Xu ‘BurNIng’ Zhilei’s recent stream. This information pointed towards ex-Aster player Liu ‘Sylar’ Jiajun changing from his current role of position 5 on Sirius to his favoured position 1. This could mean that Llu ‘Freeze’ Chang, the current position 1 is either exiting the team or moving to a new position.

The conversation in the image above translates to the following:

Fan: How’s everything with Team Sirius?
Xiaofei: We are still uncertain about who’ll be playing support.
Xiaofei: But Sylar should be back to carry position.

Unfortunately, at time of writing, we do not have much more information on this transfer/change – including who will take the position 5 role.

Team Sirius features of host of rather well-known Chinese Dota 2 players and the new roster could look something like this:

  • Liu ‘Sylar’ Jiajun
  • Li ‘ASD’ Zhiwen
  • He ‘Inflame’ Yongzheng
  • Xu ‘HYM’ Zhi
  • (To be confirmed)
  • Liu ‘Freeze’ Change (unknown)

At this moment in time, Sirius have yet to partake in any tournaments but should the squad remain intact, we’re sure to see them attempting to find a spot at the next set of Minors and Majors on the Dota 2 Pro Circuit calendar. We will have more information on this roster change as it becomes available.

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