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Epic League Division 1 group stage is set to close out today. However,  Epic Esports Events, the tournament organizers, are yet to release public info regarding the full format of their $500,000 tournament, leaving teams confused over what they have actually accomplished in the past month with their group stage results.

According to the bit of info actually released by Epic Esports Events, at the end of the Division 1 group stage, only the top 4 teams will secure playoff spots. The bottom two teams will be relegated to the lower bracket playoffs of Division2 while the teams placed 5th -8th will be heading to a play-in stage. While no other details are given about this stage of the tournament, the same play-in phase is mentioned in the Division 2 format where the 5th and 6th placed teams from the group play will advance to the said stage.

With no public information on when or how the play-in stage will be played or even what is at stake for the teams seeded here, we managed to gather info via Twitter from Dota 2 stats man Ben “Noxville” Steenhuisen and former Ninjas in Pyjamas manager, Allen Cook, of what the details could look like.

According to Noxville and Allen, the play-in stage will feature the 5th-8th teams placed in Div 1 group stage and the top 4 placed teams from Div 2 group stage in a yet to be announced bracket. Most likely, the stake is a spot into the Division1 playoffs, but no one exactly knows how many spots are up for grabs.

While all these are yet to be clarified by the tournament organizers, OG, who have just finished their Division 1 group run in the 6th slot with an overall 5-4 series score, have been congratulated on the English official stream for their playoff spot. The organization has also made a Twitter post to announce the playoffs secured victory letting their fans know that they will be back for the “playoffs stage”

In the meantime, three teams are tied for the bottom two places in the Division 1  group. Noxville has confirmed via Twitter that a best-of-one tiebreaker will be played to determine which team will advance to the play-in stage and which two will be relegated in the Division 2 lower bracket playoffs.

Alliance, Just Error and mudgolems are supposed to play the said tiebreaker tomorrow, December 6, at an unannounced time.

So far, the group stage results indicate that only and have actually secured Division 1 playoffs spot, the third and fourth spots in the group being still disputed between Team Secret, Team Nigma, and Natus Vincere, all with matches scheduled for today, the last day in the group play.

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