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TNC Predator were in desperate need for a victory at ESL One Birmingham Online: Southeast Asia today as they remained without a single win at the bottom of the group but Fnatic would not be an easy team to get past.

From the outside it seemed as though TNC were still unable to really adapt to the latest patch in Dota 2 and as such they have failed to take any wins so far at ESL One Birmingham: SEA. The team were constantly failing to execute drafts revolving around Enigma and Nature’s Prophet, even attempting the support Sniper pick a few times to no avail. Having no wins so far meant that another loss would result in their elimination from the event when the group stage round-robin came to an end.

Nothing was going TNC’s way as they fell behind early in the first game of their series against FNC and never really recovered. Fnatic just outplayed them across the map, controlling everything and easily taking the first game, leaving TNC in a very tough position. Nothing really changed for the next game either, although TNC definitely showed more signs of life with a Phantom Lancer for Kim ‘Gabbi’ Villafuerte – but it still was not enough to guide them to victory.

Unfortunately for TNC, the fourth 2-0 defeat in a row at ESL One Birmingham Online: SEA will see them eliminated although they have one series remaining against Reality Rift tomorrow. For Fnatic, the win saves them from the elimination zone for the time being – with two series left to play today and the final round-robin group stage day tomorrow.

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